Super Greens Smoothie
Super Greens Smoothie
Super Greens Smoothie
Super Greens Smoothie
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A herby, sweet and clean finish thanks to 13 key ingredients. 3 x cubes with your favourite liquid, blend and go!

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12 smoothies - 36 individual cubes


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Our Super Greens Smoothie is well balanced, herby, sweet and has a definite clean finish with enough banana and avocado to provide a velvety feel for your palate. Life is getting that little bit easier!

Here at Super Cubes we have put all these amazing ingredients together to make your next frozen smoothie simple. 3 x cubes, blend and go! Your purchase has 36 individual super greens smoothie Super Cubes that makes up to 12 smoothies and costs you less than $3.50 per serve.

When you receive your package you will notice inside 4 smaller convenient freezer packs, we have packaged them this way to help you with storage and ease of use. Life fuel, no fuss.