Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
Combo Cube 30% OFF
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Yep, this is pretty much your last chance to get our Combo Cube, mixed box of frozen smoothie cubes for 30% OFF.

You said you’d like to be able to try more than one flavour at a time. Say hello to our awesome Super Cubes combo cube! Think of it as your very own super sampler. Providing you the option to trial all 4 Super Cubes smoothie options in the one order and find your favourite. Life is getting that little bit easier!

Yes, it's 30% OFF!

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    Real food. No added nasties

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How to use

A delicious healthy breakfast or snack in 3 minutes.

  • Simply pop 3 cubes into your blender or bullet, add any kind of milk or water and blend.

  • If you like, add your favourite things like protein powder, yoghurt, peanut butter or green leaves.

  • Blend until smooth. Tip: add more liquid for a larger smoothie or less to keep it thicker.

What’s included in this product?

Servings per package:
12 smoothies - 36 individual cubes
12 smoothies - 36 individual cubes ,
1x tray of each variety,
All natural ingredients ,
No added sugar ,
Vegan friendly - Berry Digest, Choc Banana & Wake Me Up ,
Dairy Free ,
Gluten Free options - Greens & Berry ,
Plant based protein,
Serving size:
60g (2 Cubes)
Who loves Super Cubes?
  • "Super Cubes is my daily lifesaver. As a busy mum and getting small kids out the door each morning, not having to think about what I’m going to have each morning is great. Plus with the bonus of it being all natural and nutritious!"

    KOS - Google Review
  • "Being a huge fan of a smoothie anytime of the day, Super Cubes certainly have made life a whole lot easier. Convenient and filled with all the ingredients needed for a delicious meal on the run. Just pop, pour and blend!"

    TEDY - Google Review
  • "Absolutely incredible product! As a busy professional with a young family time is precious. This product is of exceptional quality, tastes great and is quick and easy. Kids love it too!"

    BRAD - Google Review
  • "I LOVE Supercubes. These little cubes of goodness and nutrition are my favourite go to for breakfast. I love how convenient, healthy and quick they are and HIGHLY recommend to anyone!"

    KAT - Google Review
  • "Love this product! So fresh & filling but doesn't weigh you down after a work out. Flavors & combinations are inspiring, so so good. Thank you!"

    KAYTE - Google Review
  • "Easy, fast, and healthy - would highly recommend super cubes, really love the flavours and the ability to still have a healthy nutritious smoothy quickly made at home without any preservatives!"

    MINA - Google Review
  • Love these products in my life. Gives me & my young children healthy & delicious options for ice creams, açai bowls & smoothies...especially when I’m on the go! Thanks team.

    STEPHANIE - Google Review
  • Absolutely love supercubes! Working early mornings means I’m often grabbing breakfast on the go and I love that these smoothie cubes are made with real ingredients and are plant based.

    SARAH - Google Review
  • Supercubes are awesome. With a bunch of different delicious flavours and being so easy to make they are now a regular part of my day. They are so tasty and full of goodness. Definitely a fan!

    BRENTON - Google Review
  • Love super cubes! Such a great concept and healthy ingredients , saves so much time and money having smoothies ready to go in the freezer. Would 100% recommend this company.

    REBECCA - Google Review
  • Using these Super Cubes has become such a time saver for me! Instead of chopping up all different ingredients, I just throw 3 of these in the blender and boom - I am ready to walk out the door! my fave flavour is Wake Me Up Smoothie, but would recommend all of them 100%!

    TENEILLE - Google Review

When to use?

  • Breakfast

    Add your favourite liquid and blend

  • Afternoon

    Fight the afternoon slump

  • On the go

    Take your cubes with you to work or pour your smoothie in a sip cup to enjoy on the go

  • Treat

    A delicious, healthy treat to squash that craving

  • Dessert

    Whip up a guilt free dessert in minutes

How we use Super Cubes
smoothie cubes

As a mum I love adding the Super Cubes Green Smoothie cubes to my kid’s smoothies. It’s such an easy way for them to enjoy more veggies, fruit and whole food ingredients. As a nutritionist I also love how easy and convenient it is to add more nutrients in to your day.”

Casey-Lee - Recipe Creator

I used to buy fruit, cut it up and freeze it. It's the easiest and fastest way to get my two servings of fruit in a day. Having Super Cubes already prepared and ready in the freezer prevents waste and makes life easier especially when it comes to making my smoothies.

Serena - Nutritionist

My personal favourite is Wake Me Up! 3 cubes, 20g plant based protein, 3g creatine and literally anything else in the fridge that needs to be used up. The perfect post workout smoothie to start the day.

Ash - CEO

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