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Easy to make and easy to drink, Berry Digest Smoothie Cubes by Super Cubes.
Berry Digest Smoothie
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Berry Digest Smoothie
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12 x smoothies
  • Only $3.33 per smoothie
  • 102 calories per serve (3 x cubes)
  • All natural ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  • Pre & Probiotics
  • Made in Australia

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How to use

A delicious healthy breakfast or snack in 3 minutes.

  • Simply pop 3 cubes into your blender or bullet, add any kind of milk or water and blend.

  • If you like, add your favourite things like protein powder, yoghurt, peanut butter or green leaves.

  • Blend until smooth. Tip: add more liquid for a larger smoothie or less to keep it thicker.

What’s included in this product?

Servings per package:
12 smoothies - 36 individual cubes
banana puree (35%)
blueberry puree (11%)
pineapple puree (11%)
strawberry puree (7%)
kiwi fruit puree (7%)
raspberry puree (6%)
acai puree (5%)
chia seeds (5%)
papaya (5%)
extra virgin coconut oil (3%)
lemon juice (3%)
turmeric puree (1%)
prebiotic fibre (inulin)
ganeden BC30 probiotics (<0.5%)
102 calories per serve (3 x cubes)
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Adam M.
Australia Australia
Delicious and packs a hell of a punch

Three little cubes of absolute goodness. Cannot recommend enough.

Brad L.
Australia Australia

We have been ordering Super Cubes for the past 6 or so months and love them! We are a busy young family that cares about ours and our childrens (9 & 5) health and wellbeing. This is a super healthy way of enjoying a delicious smoothie with the hard work on the health side done for you!

When to use?

  • Breakfast

    Add your favourite liquid and blend

  • Afternoon

    Fight the afternoon slump

  • On the go

    Take your cubes with you to work or pour your smoothie in a sip cup to enjoy on the go

  • Treat

    A delicious, healthy treat to squash that craving

  • Dessert

    Whip up a guilt free dessert in minutes

How we use Super Cubes
smoothie cubes

When that 3pm energy slump hits I know I need a snack that'll see me through until dinner. I love whipping up a smoothie bowl using Super Cubes, frozen banana, protein powder and some almond milk. I make sure it's super thick so I can eat it with a spoon and it never disappoints.

Sarah - Health Coach

There's nothing better than a post-workout smoothie. My current favourite is 3 cubes of Berry Digest with rice mlk, a scoop of plant based protein and my secret weapon for a filling breakfast - two gluten free Weetbix. I often add a spoon of nut butter if I know I'lll need extra satiety to get me through to early afternoon.

Lauren - Social Media Manager

I'm a Dad of 3 and this is the easiest and fastest way for me to get breakfast in before the kids school run. I blend up my smoothie and take it on the road.

Shane - SEO

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