Why is breakfast so important?

Do you skip breakfast? Don't have enough time to eat a great tasting healthy breakfast? We definitely have a solution for you and it's as easy as blending a breakfast frozen smoothie for yourself. Easy to make and easy to drink too!

We recently came across an online breakfast food article that was written around research carried out by Kraft in 2012 when they released their breakfast biscuit and it got us thinking.

Why is breakfast so important?

And why do so many Australians skip breakfast?

It’s a pretty old article and also the “Kraft Foods Aussie Breakfast Report” that’s quoted is very hard to find online.

The Kraft report stated that although 42% of Australians acknowledged breakfast was the most important meal that 56% miss out on breakfast at least once a week and almost 33% are missing out on a healthy breakfast three times a week.

The other statistics that are interesting were the reasons why people were missing breakfast.

  • 65% don’t feel like eating breakfast
  • 49% were disorganised and missed breakfast
  • 40% blamed sleeping as the reason for missing breakfast
  • 36% of Australians surveyed blamed being short of time for no breakfast meal

    These are pretty amazing reasons for people missing breakfast and we at Super Cubes feel we are here to help the 49% and 36%’ers with their burden as you will read below.

    After looking around for some more up-to-date findings about breakfast we also discovered some more breakfast food data from Roy Morgan that was carried out in 2016.

    Their statistics were a little different to the ones above in the Kraft report and it looks like Australians have improved a little in their ways.

    They asked people what they had for breakfast, then asked if they had time to eat it and across all of the variations of breakfasts there were a high proportion of people that seldom had time for breakfast (24% as the top percentage).

    Why do you need to eat a healthy breakfast?

    Although it’s often called the most important meal of the day there are so many variables of what represents the perfect breakfast meal.

    Breakfast can mean so many things to many different people and like anything, it comes down to personal preference and what your goals are when choosing the right breakfast for yourself.

    So here are some of the reasons why we think you should eat a healthy breakfast.

    1. Encourages healthier eating 
    2. Helps balance your blood sugar levels
    3. Can assist in kick starting your metabolism
    4. Improves your energy levels and gives you fuel
    5. Reduces cravings and the urge to pay homage to your fridge
    6. Helps improve concentration and productivity
    7. Assists in flat lining moods
    8. Gets you off the fork

      As you can see, there are many reasons why you should make time to eat breakfast, some will relate to you and some will relate to your partner (we aren’t touching that one!).

      And pretty much all of them have positive outcomes from the perspective of trying to have a healthy mind and body.

      The choice is yours in the end though.

      Do you want to be part of that statistic that doesn’t eat breakfast?

      Why is breakfast called breakfast?

      Breakfast (the word) has been used in the English language since the 15th century, it literally means breaking the fast after not eating while you were sleeping.

      So when you wake, you should be thinking about how you are going to break the fast and set up the rest of your day.

      This leads us in to our next point on the road to a healthy breakfast.

      What’s your ideal healthy breakfast to start the day?

      The question we should be asking you is; do you even have enough time to wolf down one of the most important meals of the day?

      Based on the statistics above from both of these reports we/you don’t and that’s pretty sad.

      We are all really time poor in this modern society we live in and people are searching for quick, healthy breakfast alternatives at times.

      So if you haven’t found one yet, we may have a solution for you.

      You can make Super Cubes your go-to breakfast meal when you are in a rush and need to get out the door quickly.

      A few minutes is all it takes to create a great tasting, healthy frozen smoothie breakfast shake.

      Here’s a rough outline of the ingredients for a frozen smoothie recipe for you to try, just put all of these into a blender, blend and then drink.

        You can throw in a few extra oats and a few other berries and you'll have a complete, easy to make frozen breakfast smoothie, the same as you get with most of our frozen smoothie recipes.

        And also, as a bonus with the above, you end up with a healthy and nutritious breakfast option that doesn’t suck up your precious time.

        Another time saver is putting your Super Cubes frozen smoothie into a shaker cup and drink it in the car on the way to work.

        Easy to do when you’re at traffic lights or stuck in traffic, just don’t spill it (nasty).

        Finally as an extra idea (if you do have the time in the mornings), you could start your own breakfast club and head over to your friend’s house on the way to work and try their favourite Super Cubes frozen smoothie creation.

        Rotate between mates and then you have a great way to start the day and you get to try lots of different frozen smoothies while you’re at it.

        Try not to skip your breakfast

        So from us spotting an article about Australians skipping breakfast has brought us to here.

        Although there has been improvement in between the two surveys the statistics still show people skip breakfast due to not having enough time to prepare breakfast.

        This can change with a little planning as we have said above and a small amount of preparation.

        Let’s try and change those statistics and be sure to start the day the healthy way with a nutritious and healthy breakfast!

        Buy your Super Cubes now!