What's a good liquid to use in a frozen smoothie?

What's a good liquid to use in a frozen smoothie? Well there are quite a few to choose from as you'll see. There are always a few things to consider when you are choosing the right liquid to add to your smoothie. Read on to find out which ones make the grade here at Super Cubes.

At the Super Cubes office, we are always arguing about what is the perfect frozen smoothie recipe.

Now we don’t know what happens in your work place, but here we rotate through our daily frozen smoothie duties and this means everybody gets a shot at making them for everyone else.

And one of the most discussed options has been what’s a good liquid to use in a frozen smoothie?

Off course there are the people here that don’t pre-prepare, flog whatever there is in the fridge to add into their smoothie (yes, Coca-Cola NO SUGAR has been used once or twice).

Then there are the ones here that prepare and make a valid liquid selection for their smoothie that accentuates the flavour of the cubes and the extra ingredients.

So with this in mind we thought we’d share our list of the best liquids you can use in a frozen smoothie and also run through a few other things before we get there.

Why make a frozen smoothie?

Why do so many people make smoothies and more to the point, frozen smoothies?

There certainly has been a ground swell overtime with protein shakes and juicing being so popular, then came the smoothie and now the natural evolution is getting close to completion with the frozen smoothie (also the frozen smoothie bowl).

So why have a frozen smoothie?

There are many reasons to have a frozen smoothie, but probably for most, the top reasons would be;

  • Convenience
  • Potential health benefits
  • Variety of foods
  • Taste great


    Convenience is a no brainer.

    It takes a lot less time to plug in your blender, throw in your Super Cubes, put in a few other ingredients, pour in your liquid of choice, blend, drink than it would to prepare a meal.

    If you’re short of time, anytime of the day, having a quick Super Cubes frozen smoothie is an easy fix for you.

    Potential health benefits

    Without going into full details, the ingredients in your frozen smoothies could have many different potential health benefits for you over time.

    You can have a look through the Read section in the menu above on our Super Cubes website to learn more about the benefits and features of the ingredients we use.

    Variety of foods

    We have mentioned this before, with a frozen smoothie you can get a good variety of nutrients easily with one flick of a blender switch.

    Super Cubes are full of so many different ingredients so it makes it easy for you to get a good cross section of different healthy foods.

    They taste great

    What can we say, frozen smoothies taste great!

    What more could you want in a meal (other than chocolate)?

    You get to choose your favourite ingredients, blend them together and sit back and enjoy sipping on them, easy!

    What’s the best liquids to use in a frozen smoothie?

    Now we’ve been side tracked for a little while it’s time to get back on target.

    What’s the best liquids to use in a frozen smoothie?

    This can come down to personal preference and also a little of “what’s around me to use” (like at our office) can come into play too.

    The first choice is what liquid should you add and then the second option to consider is the amount of the liquid you should add to the frozen smoothie.

    Here’s the process for making a frozen smoothie for you.

    1. Pick your frozen smoothie recipe to make
    2. Add in your favourite Super Cubes (these can be your “smoothie base”)
    3. Pour in your liquid
    4. Add any extra ingredients needed
    5. Blend and drink!

      So when it comes to choosing your liquid you need to consider your taste buds and also what accentuates the other ingredients in the frozen smoothie.

      Some like sweet, some like bland, some like more calories and some people just like to use plain old water.

      Here’s a list of possible liquids you can use when you’re making your own frozen smoothie and remember it might take a bit of trial and error to find one you like.

        Once you have nailed down the best liquid to put in your smoothies you can move onto making sure the liquid works for you and your happy with it.

        Here are few possible scenarios with solutions for you underneath.

        • Too frothy
        • Not blending
        • Too runny
        • Not tasty or sweet enough
        • Too bitter

          Is your smoothie too frothy?

          To fix the froth you need to try using a little less liquid, using a lower blend speed or try to lower your blending time down a little.

          Frothing maybe caused by a mixture of the above, it also maybe a combination of the liquid and your extra added ingredients.

          For instance, if you are using milk and add in extra protein into the blend you might get a bit of natural frothing no matter what you do.

          A positive aspect of a good head of froth on your smoothie (and it always is a positive here in the Super Cubes HQ) is it gives you a great opportunity to wear a coloured smoothie moustache while walking around the office yelling “Houston, we’ve had a froth problem”.

          That one always seems to go down well.

          Your smoothie is not blending

          We have to say it as part of our frozen smoothie fault finding system.

          Is your blender plugged in and turned on?

          If it is, you’re off to a great start and we can now look at other areas that may cause your blender not to blend.

          Have you filled the blender too high?

          If your blender level is too high, this can cause problems and you need to reduce the load on your blender by removing or reducing the volume of a few ingredients.

          Have you chopped up the extra ingredients enough?

          If you haven’t got a commercial blender, your blender may not have enough grunt to blend the ingredients you are using effectively.

          To overcome the extra bit of load you’re putting on your blender, you can chop up the extra ingredients into smaller pieces and this should work most times.

          Have you added in enough liquid?

          Also another reason why there may not be any blending happening is you haven’t added in enough liquid.

          The smoothie blend is just too thick and needs more liquid to thin it down.

          Remember it’s all about safety here.

          If your blender is not blending at all, or it seems very laboured while blending, you have a problem and you need to watch out you don’t burn your blenders motor out.

          If you do, there will be no smoothie for you.

          Is your smoothie too runny?

          If your smoothie is too runny you need to cut down on the liquid you are adding to your smoothie recipe, or if you have room, add a few more of the thicker extra ingredients.

          A bit of trial and error will fix this issue over time.

          Is your smoothie tasteless, dull and not sweet enough?

          Here are a few easy options to repair your tasteless and dull smoothie recipes.

          Find extra ingredients that have flavour to them to add to your smoothie and make sure they don’t affect your daily diet plan.

          We found most times organic varieties of fruits and vegetables have more flavour to them, so this can be an option too.

          Or if you need a little more sweetness you can add in your favourite sweetener like honey or similar.

          Again, this comes down to personal preference and finding an option that suits you and your lifestyle.

          Another final option could be using a liquid that has a natural sweetness to it and then adding this into your smoothie recipe.

          My smoothie is too bitter, what can I do?

          The easiest way to rectify this is to cut back on the bitter ingredients, then add in a little of the sweet fruit options or again choose a liquid with a natural sweetness to it.

          You may find over time that you find a happy medium between the bitter and sweetness so you can still keep the bitter ingredients in the smoothie.

          Choosing the right liquid for your frozen smoothie

          As you can see there are many things to consider when you’re choosing or experimenting with the right liquid for your smoothie creations.

          You will end up knowing what you like.

          So when you read through a smoothie recipe, blend it and it just doesn’t sit right it’s so easy to change it around next time.

          With a few minor tweaks here and there, before you know it you would have created the perfect frozen smoothie recipe!

          Now you just have to remember to share the recipe with us and, if you can manage it, share your best Super Cubes smoothie moustache too on our Super Cubes Instagram page.

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