What’s the health benefits of chlorella?

What’s the health benefits of chlorella? How can having chlorella help you? You can find out the answers to these chlorella questions and learn a little more about this super green below.

Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water and is a close algae relative of spirulina.

Chlorella is a single cell green algae (yes, there are different coloured algae) that was originally discovered by the microbiologist Dr Beijerinck in 1890 and from then on chlorella has been one of the most researched foods in the world.


Because this little green bundle of nutrients was identified as possible solution to solve the possible food shortage that an increasing population could bring to the world post war.

Due to its high protein levels and also its yields, it was seriously looked at as a cost-effective alternative to meat protein sources.

But as people got better at producing crops chlorella took a back seat for many years and only resurfaced more recently as a supplement you could add to your daily diet.

So this brings us to where we are today, talking about this amazing super food and why it gets added (for you) into some of our Super Cubes formulas.

So what’s so good about chlorella?

Chlorella’s health benefits are numerous, because it’s such a nutrient dense food.

It has high levels of protein (roughly 50% to 60% depending on the manufacturer), vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, omega-3, fibre and more!

Here are few benefits and features for you regarding chlorella.

  • High levels of nutrients
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps boost protein intake
  • High in antioxidants
  • Immune support facilitator
  • May help with weight management
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Assists with lowering cholesterol
  • Helps with detox
  • Supports improvement in lowering blood sugar levels

    Boosts your protein intake

    Because chlorella extract or powder comes in at around 60 % protein, it is a great way to boost your protein intake throughout the day. 

    Couple this with all the other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients present in chlorella and you have an almost perfect addition to any healthy smoothie.

    As you will read below (for a 100 gram serve) chlorella can come in at around 63 grams of protein which is a good amount if you are only using a small amount each serve.

    High in antioxidants

    Some of the nutrients in chlorella have very good antioxidant properties too.

    Antioxidants occur in most fruits and vegetables as well and help prevent or stop the damage to your body’s cells caused by oxidants, hence the name antioxidants! 

    Antioxidants are also produced naturally in your body, but in this day and age it helps if you can supplement them too as part of your daily nutrition plan.

    Especially if you are getting hit with daily oxidative stress that you can’t control directly, things like stress, pollution, bad diet, temper tantrums and more.

    And this is where chlorella and Super Cubes can help you out, as we say in the office, “A cube or two a day, keeps your oxidative stress at bay!”.

    Assists your immune function

    Your body’s immune system is constantly under attack whether you know it or not. 

    People are different and everyone has different levels of immune system health, this means some can cope with the constant bombardment of germs and other nasty’s trying to invade your body and some can’t.

    To prepare for this constant barrage you need to help your body by supporting your immune system as best you can. 

    The easiest way to do this is (other than staying inside in a bubble) through your diet.

    Control what goes on your fork!

    Chlorella has had quite a bit of research done on it now in regard to helping improve your immune system. 

    By supplementing chlorella into your diet you know you are on the right track to help prevent illness striking when you least need it.

    What’s in chlorella that makes it so good for you?

    The nutrition levels in chlorella are very good across the board (as you have read above), which is why there are so many ways it can help you.

    The levels below are for a 100 gram serve of powder.

    Obviously, we wouldn’t you to have 100 grams of chlorella in one hit, your blender may struggle!

    So Super Cubes has you covered in this department (to save you time and also you don’t have to think about it), with the chlorella already added into our super greens smoothie.

    Protein 63.1g
    Fat 11.3g
    Fibre 14.3g
    Iron 52.7mg
    Calcium 94mg
    Potassium 1360mg
    Phosphorus 1680mg
    Sodium 50mg
    Carotene 110mg
    Vitamin B1 2.3mg
    Vitamin B2 5mg
    Vitamin C 70mg
    Isoleucine 223mg
    Leucine 507mg
    Lysine 490mg
    Methionine 130mg
    Phenylalanine 291mg
    Threonine 280mg
    Tryptophan 1180mg
    Valine 323mg
    Alanine 455mg
    Arginine 367mg
    Aspartic Acid 521mg
    Cysteine 790mg
    Histidine 120mg
    Glutamic Acid 667mg
    Proline 281mg
    Serine 237mg
    Tyrosine 240mg


    Why use chlorella in Super Cubes frozen cubes?

    There are many reasons why we have chosen different ingredients to be in our Super Cubes formulas.

    Some are for a mixture of nutrients and taste, some are chosen for the nutrients and their texture.

    But the standard throughout the range remains the same for us.

    Nutrient density is one of the main deciding factors for us in deciding whether an ingredient gets into the run on side or winds up sitting on the bench for half a season before being contracted for another team.

    These are decisions we don’t take lightly and if you’re reading this now you would have already seen the main benefits that chlorella can offer you above.

    Now it’s your turn to decide (if you haven’t already yet?), which Super Cubes frozen smoothie pack are you going to add to your bag today?

    If you are thinking of adding chlorella into your day, you’ll need the Super Greens Smoothie.


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