What is a quick and tasty breakfast that doesn't use eggs?

Everybody, well most people love eggs. So what can you do for a quick and tasty breakfast that doesn't use eggs? Well we have some incredibly delicious breakfast alternatives here below for you. And if none of them tickle your taste buds, the yolks on you.

We all love eggs and more importantly eggs for breakfast, but there could be a myriad of reasons why you could be looking for a quick and tasty breakfast that doesn't use eggs.

Reasons like;

  • Recent or long-term vegan?
  • Accidentally smashed a whole carton of eggs opening the fridge after your partner left them precariously balanced on a shelf?
  • Kids decided to eat them all without letting you know and you find out when your craving?
  • Just want to see what else you can eat for breakfast?

These are all valid reasons to go for an egg-free brekkie every now and then.

And after making the decision to forego eggs, some of these extra thoughts could start racing through your head as well.

  • I won’t get enough protein now
  • I’ll be ravenous before lunch
  • I’ll spend so long cooking and cleaning I won’t have time to eat

But if you know what to do, none of these mental obstructions above have to be true and then it becomes easy to find a quick and tasty breakfast that doesn’t use eggs.

Before we get to the ideas, if you’re looking to get your protein and still stay largely plant based, we’ve got plenty of meat and egg free ideas for you already to to add to the suggestions below. 

But if you’re tot too concerned about the protein aspect alone, you can try some of these below without having to boost the protein in them.

Frozen Smoothies

Quick, tasty and nutritious? Tick, tick and tick!

Make your own or use our ready-to-go Super Cubes frozen smoothie range to save even more time and guaranteed great flavour and nutrition.

Not sure which is best frozen smoothie cube for you?

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so have a look at our Super Cubes product pages , our frozen smoothie recipes or check out which frozen smoothies can replace meals if you’re looking for some frozen smoothie inspiration.

Go Caveman

You and go for the Paleo diet approach and have some meat, nuts and veggies for brekkie.

It’s important to note that our ancestors ate a lot more veggies than we did, it wasn’t just steaks all day every day.

How will you have time to make all of this in the morning?

In a word, leftovers.

Prep some extra food the night before and then all you’ll have to do is heat it up in the pan, oven or microwave the following morning.

Eating like this can easily keep you satiated until lunch time and beyond usually.

Chia pudding

Yes we know, pudding for breakfast is a good thing right?

Chia seeds are a great way to get in your fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and much more.

This is another easy one to prepare in advance or even store in the fridge for when you’re short on time.

Buy the chia puddings already made or learn how make them yourself using our guide below.

  1. To make the base, add chia seeds to a milk of your choosing (looking to make your own plant milk?)
  2. Then add what you want on top
  3. Throw in some cacao nibs or stir in some cacao powder for extra magnesium and all the indulgence of chocolate
  4. Chop up some nuts for the fatty acids and crunch
  5. Layer some sliced fruit or a handful of berries on top

Or better yet, you can modify our Super Cubes chia smoothie recipe using these extra steps below.

  1. Instead of blending the chia seeds add them after blending everything else
  2. Simply stir them in, then wait at least 10 minutes for them to settle and gelatinise
  3. This adds a jelly-like quality and a bit of crunch to your chia pudding

There are so many options when it comes to making a healthy and nutritious chia pudding for breakfast.

So experiment a liitle, use what you have available and create a chia masterpiece!


You heard it right.

You know it to be true, avocado is the only one for you!

We’ve seen the avocado to be a great addition to a lot of dishes but did you know it can even be a stand-alone meal or snack?

If you’re game to try it, open up your avo, take out the pip, scoop out some of the flesh to make a well and add in some olive oil, lemon, salt and cracked pepper.

Then sit back and enjoy eating it with a spoon. 

Full of healthy fats, fibre and antioxidants this is simultaneously satiating, healthy and really tasty.

Plus, it’s so quick to make and almost no clean up!

A Warm Drink in a Super Cubes style

Maybe you’re just looking for something warm to help you start the day, especially through the colder Winter months.

It doesn’t get simpler than a green tea, coffee or herbal infusion, but these aren’t always very filling.

What’s a person like you to do?

The wake me up smoothie is what you do.

After you make your smoothie and it’s blended, add it to your saucepan and then gently heat it up to your preferred temperature.

Pour into your favourite winter oversized hot chocolate mug, sip and enjoy!

Now you can have your coffee and eat it too (that’s the saying right?).

Yummy, quick and nutritious breakfasts are easier than you think

You’ve got more options than you thought and perhaps some that are easier than cooking eggs for breakfast in the morning.

Whether you want to enjoy a warm or cold liquid breakfast, start your day off Paleo, opt for plant based, or perhaps some combination of all of these, the choice is yours.

You just need to find a few of your favourite egg free breakfast solutions and then rotate through them so you don’t get bored.

Show us what your egg-free breakfast looks like on social media, tag us on Super Cubes Facebook or on our Super Cubes Instagram page.

After you try a few recipes you’ll realise how quick and tasty an egg free breakfast can be, then we’re sure you’ll be thinking to yourself, Super Cubes knew egg-sactly what they were talking about.

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