What healthy snacks could you have with your coffee?

Fond of coffee? Yes? Do you like to have a little snack while you're having a sip? Many people snack while having a coffee, and most reach for sweets over healthy snack alternatives when they do. But there are healthy snack alternatives as you'll learn now.

What is better than enjoying a freshly brewed coffee in the morning? 

Having a cheeky little snack with it of course! 

Many people like to have a little something alongside their cup of coffee pretty much anytime of the day (yes, we are guilty of this too in Super Cubes HQ!).

But if you’re looking to switch that muffin or caramel slice for a healthier option, you might need some inspiration.

Don’t worry though. if you want something to nibble on while you sip your espresso or latte, we have you covered.

Here are some healthy snacks you can have with your coffee any time of the day.

Fresh fruit

Traditionally, many Middle Eastern cultures would pair their coffee with dried fruit such as dates, figs and apricots.

Although this is a fantastic combination flavour-wise, calories and sugar can add up quickly if you don’t watch the portion sizes of your dried fruit.

That’s why we prefer to have fresh fruit with our morning coffee. 

Both options are tasty, sweet and a great source of tummy-loving fibre and antioxidants. 

But unlike dried fruit, fresh fruit has a higher percentage of water.

The water in the fruit can help you to stay hydrated and also help to fill you up quickly as well.

This means you get all of the flavour of the fruit, along with a good dose of water that the dried fruit is missing.

So, which fruits pair well with a cup of coffee you ask?

This can depend on your coffee of choice and also what the current season is where you live.

Our top picks for fruit coffee sides are berries, cherries and stone fruits such as nectarines and peaches.

The gentle and light sweetness of these fruits can easily complement the bitter of your coffee.

You should really give them a try!

Brown rice cakes with almond butter

Almond is one of the best flavour pairings when it comes to coffee. 

But almond butter doesn’t just taste great, it is also packed with nutrients for you too. 

They contain a good serve of protein, fibre as well as some heart-healthy fats.

You’ll also find a good dose of vitamin E, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your almonds.

Brown rice cakes can add a serve of wholegrains and contain more fibre than the white rice cakes which makes them a better choice in the long run.

You could also use corn thins or even fruit slices such as apple or pear as your base if you want.

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Coconut chips

Another classic flavour pairing with coffee is coconut.

Coconut gets a bit of a bad rap due to its saturated fat content. 

But we think that coconut is fine in moderation, especially in wholefood form.

So we present now to you, coconut chips!

Coconut chips are just that, crunchy little chunks of coconut flesh. 

They contain fibre and essential minerals such as manganese, selenium, iron and zinc.

Coconut is also naturally lower in sugar with around five grams per cup.

If you’re buying pre-made coconut chips, you have to double check the ingredient profile first.

Some brands add a tonne of sugar, flavours and sweeteners into the mix, so it pays to check the labels before you buy.

We do think that plain coconut chips are just as tasty, and much better for you than the more processed alternative.

Wholefood bars

If you're looking for a sweet treat to go with your coffee that ticks the most of the nutrition boxes? 

You can’t go past a the Super Cubes Wholefoods Bars

Our Wholefood Bars combine ingredients such as fruit, nuts, seeds and pea protein and more into a tasty snack that you can enjoy at any time of day.

The best part is, we have a flavour to suit everyone!

If you love a fruity snack with your coffee, grab a box of Berry Nice Wholefoods Bars

But if chocolate is more your style (like most), you can go for a Choc Banana Wholefoods Bars or White Choc Macadamia Wholefoods Bars instead.

Finally, if you have a hankering for an old school bakery flavour to have with your coffee, you should really try the Lamington Wholefoods Bars.

Just like having a cake with your coffee!

So many healthy snacks to have with your coffee

If you're finding that sweets are calling your name when you're having a coffee, it's time to start the change by picking a few of the healthy snacks above to resist that urge.

Only if you want to though (yes, some people just have to have their sweets!).

There's so many more healthy snacks to have with your coffee than the above choices we have given you.

You just have to find the right mix of "tasting great with your coffee", with "ticking the healthy snack box" at the same time.

You'll find out what works for you over time if you try different foods.

What's your favourite go-to healthy, coffee accompanying snack?

Is it one of these above, or is it just easier for you to tear open one of our Wholefoods Bars?

Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram pages today.

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