What can I use as the base for frozen smoothies?

Are you tired of the same old smoothies? Or looking to up the ante a little in the flavour department? You do realise it could be as easy as changing the base liquid you use. You didn't? Well you do now, read on!

Tired of the same ol’ smoothie?

Looking to impress your health-conscious friends?

Or, you’re just not sure where to get started with your smoothie making?

Whatever the situation may be, you’ll learn in this blog post that there is no shortage of base options available to start your smoothie recipes with.

So let’s run through the many options for you now.

Filtered water

We thought we’d start with the obvious one here.

Readily accessible and you usually don’t have to worry about running out of this liquid base.

While there is no denying it is probably the most convenient option, it does lack flavour, especially compared to some of the other options listed below.

And here’s another tip for this smoothie base, if you’re finding your smoothie is too thick for your liking, just add in some water and blend until you reach your desired consistency.


Not one commonly thought of for smoothies, but I encourage you to change your mind on it and it give it a try.

Teas represent a brilliant way to not only change up the flavour profile of your smoothies, but also to add in some incredible plant nutrition and phytochemicals.

Some teas to try adding to your smoothie include;

  • Green Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Chai
  • Anything other tea that tickles your fancy

Coconut water

This one is a winner anytime, but particularly in summer.

Coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk), contains a decent serving of electrolytes, so it’s perfect to replace what you could lose through sweating.

No need to add any sweetness to the coconut water either, it does it all by itself with its natural sugars.


This can be both a DIY juice job or getting your juices straight from your local store job.

Juices have exploded (in popularity) in recent years, with kale, beetroot and turmeric being some of the new cafe favourites.

The juice you choose to use will really depend on what you’re hoping to get from your smoothie.

If you’re an athlete hoping for some extra blood flow, have you considered a beetroot smoothie to boost nitric oxide production?

Are you working on improving your health?

Green juice looks like a clear winner but most fruits and vegetables will be helpful here.


We’re not just talking about dairy but also the many different plant alternatives.

Plant milks have seen a surge in popularity due to the rise of dairy-free diets such as the Vegan and some Paleo-diet variations.


Some research suggests that up to 3 quarters of the population will develop an intolerance to lactose over their lifetime making it worthwhile to get some alternatives sorted now.

On top of that, plant milks also taste delicious and have their own benefits.

We’ve previously covered plant milks and a recipe to make your own, here is just a short summary of the more popular ones around.

  • Soy milk – easy to get your hands on, one of the higher plant milk sources of calcium and protein
  • Oat milk – one of the highest plant milks in fibre
  • Almond milk – becoming more popular and therefore available, it has some antioxidant effects due to its vitamin E content
  • Coconut milk – high in fat for our ketogenic friends

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Again, this could be both the dairy and non-dairy alternatives like coconut, almond, cashew and more!

Using yoghurt as your base can thicken a smoothie, making it more of a chunkie, so bear that in mind if you prefer thinner smoothies.

Blending it all together for you

There we have it, plenty of base options for you to try to use when make your next smoothie.

How about having a look at our recipes section to see how we put everything together into a delicious concoction?

Sometimes the easiest to make smoothies can come from choosing the right liquid base and throwing in a few of your favourite frozen smoothie cubes to finish off the recipe.

If you’re time poor, this can be the perfect start for you as an easy breakfast option.

What do you use as the base of your smoothies?

Are there any favourites or wacky liquid ideas we’ve missed?

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