What are some of the best winter smoothie ingredients?

Winter tends to be that time of the year when you may get sick more than usual. It doesn't have to be this way. We're here to help you rectify this by giving you some of the best winter smoothie ingredients to try in your own amazing smoothie creations!

Winter tends to be that time when as a society, we get sick more often and for longer.

On top of that, we’re a bit slower, not as motivated and it’s much more tempting to hit that snooze button.

This is completely normal for us.

Historically, winter time was a time to slow down, to look inward and rest from the hard work of the previous seasons.

When a nutritionist, herbalist, naturopath or wise mumma thinks of cooking in winter they’re probably thinking of two things.

Immunity and warmth.

Thankfully, smoothies provide an easy base to add all manner of ingredients, especially some immune boosting and warming ones!

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the best winter smoothie ingredients.


All of the below frozen smoothie ingredients have potential positive effects on your immunity and this is why they are the best ingredients to add to your smoothies leading into and during the winter months.

You may have to trial how much of the ingredients you are adding to your smoothie blend, because some of the below have some pretty strong flavours.

Especially if you’re adding in heaped tablespoons or a handful of them at a time.

Start off with a small amount first to see if you handle the taste and then add more if necessary.

Medicinal mushrooms

‘Urgh, another health fad,’ we hear you say.

Medicinal mushrooms are all the rage these days and it’s for all the right reasons!

They are one of the best foods for our immune system.

So what are these mushrooms?

Well, I take it you’ve heard of the shitake mushroom, but what about maitake, reishi and lion’s mane?

Yes, these are all mushrooms!

While each mushroom has its own specific use, these mushrooms above all influence the immune system to some degree. 

There are plenty of companies, both Australian and overseas that now offer these mushrooms in a powder for ease of use in a smoothie and even a few companies selling the mushroom in its whole form.

Vitamin C foods

If we asked 10 people what vitamin they think of in Winter, 6 would say vitamin C.

And it’s possible that the other 4 have blocked ears from the cold they have and didn’t hear the question properly.

It’s a fantastic nutrient to include more of leading into and throughout winter time!

Some foods high in vitamin C include your citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit and lime, capsicums and berries.

You’ve also got the option to add in some great-tasting superfood powders like the kakadu plum or acai berries.

Pumpkin Seeds

I bet this isn’t one you think about for winter and even if it is, we’re not going to pay for the bet.

Pumpkin seeds are quite a high source of zinc which is another fantastic nutrient for everyone’s immune system.

On top of that, they’re also a source of antioxidants, iron and also magnesium!

So you have the option to blend the pumpkin seeds into your frozen smoothie or crush them up yourself and sprinkle on top of your smoothie or smoothie bowl for some fantastic crunch.

Green Tea

Perhaps another one you didn’t think of for winter.

Green Tea has been shown to be strongly antibacterial and antiviral even against the flu virus, making it particularly useful for the health conscious during winter.

Use the green tea as a base for the smoothie or even add in some matcha powder which is found in many health food stores.

If you’re suffering from iron deficiency this is one to avoid, it reduces the iron you can absorb from foods!


Let’s face it, in winter, sometimes you just want to warm up and the thought of a cold smoothie does not excite you one bit.

Apart from heating up the temperature what else can you do?

Add in some warming foods and spices into your smoothie mix of course!

Ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg are some fantastic warming spices and it’ll taste like a chai flavoured smoothie!

Pamper yourself with chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate, especially in winter (well really, anytime is a good time for chocolate)?

No seriously (and we’re just asking for a friend), isn’t chocolate bad for you?

Not all of the time, it’s what added to the chocolate that isn’t ideal.

By adding plain cacao powder, you’re getting the chocolaty taste without any of the potential nasties from a bar of chocolate.

Cacao powder is a fantastic antioxidant, contains the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium as well as some B vitamins.

The powder has also been shown to increase blood flow, including to the brain, which makes it a perfect ingredient selection for a winter time frozen smoothie!

Pick the best winter ingredients 

It’s snow joke, just make sure to add the best ingredients to your winter smoothies to keep your immune system humming.

Here’s a few final pointers for you.

  • Whenever you can, allow yourself the time to rest and recharge
  • Be sure to add in some extra immune boosting meals, so you can enjoy the season in good health
  • Remember to add some warm spices to stop those shivers
  • Don’t forget about the chocolate to put a smile on your dial
  • Finally, use our Super Cubes for your winter smoothie base and then add the ingredients above into your blend

We hope we’ve covered the best winter smoothie ingredients well for you and we have a few final tasks for you.

Let us know what your favourite winter smoothie ingredient is and also, while you’re at it, let us know if you’ve used any of the above ingredients via our Super Cubes Facebook page.

Enjoy your winter smoothies and make sure to stay healthy too!

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