What are some healthy gluten free snack ideas?

Looking for some new gluten free snack ideas? Healthy and also gluten free? You may be Coeliac or just wanting to give the whole gluten-free thing a try? Well, all is not lost. We have some fresh gluten free snack ideas for you to try today. Right here, right now.

Are you a recently diagnosed Coeliac?

Or do you think you may be Coeliac or just wanting to give the whole gluten-free thing a try?

It may seem like an incredibly hard diet to maintain and adhere to consistently.

But fear not, there are still plenty of foods for you to eat.

Due to the huge popularity in gluten free eating recently, many companies now manufacture gluten free products.

And recently restaurants are starting to include many gluten free options on their menus.

So, it's definitely becoming easier to buy healthy gluten free snacks from your local health food shop or supermarket.

But before we hop into some of the gluten free snack ideas for you, here's a little about gluten and what effect it may have in your body.

Gluten 101

There is no doubt about the fact that those with Celiac disease should stay away from gluten at all costs.

When someone with Celiac eats gluten the body triggers an autoimmune response to the small intestine.

This may cause inflammation and damage, messing with digestion and has the potential to even cause bleeding in some.

But what about those without Celiac disease?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not great news for them either on some fronts too.

Gluten has been shown to increase levels of zonulin, which is a marker of intestinal hyperpermeability.

What does that all mean?

Intestinal hyperpermeability is also known as leaky gut, is the situation where undigested food particles may make their way into your blood stream.

This may cause the immune system to react to them as if they were a pathogen.

You're right.

It's not ideal so if you have any symptoms or reactions related to foods you eat, make sure you consult a professional.

What foods can contain gluten?

There are probably hundreds of food types and particular foods to avoid, this gives you a very quick list of foods to look out for.

Pretty much you can rule out anything containing wheat and work out from there through the other foods.

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Couscous
  • Spelt
  • Farro
  • Semolina
  • Many packaged foods

Remember these are all pretty much the base ingredients (except for packaged food), so much of modern food products contain a mix of these above.

This is why you have to be careful, especially with breads, crackers and more.

Not all gluten free foods are healthy

When eating from the gluten free section of your supermarket, just keep in mind that not everything labelled gluten free is actually healthy.

Reading the ingredients on these packets will be pertinent on your gluten free journey.

Does the food have a bunch of added sugar?

Or have they included other filler ingredients you’ve never heard of before?

It's best that you avoid them if so.

The best thing you can do in this case is opting for whole food and products based on whole foods.

Which leads us nicely into our first option, the Super Cubes whole foods bars.

Wholefood bars

All of our Wholefoods Bars are free from gluten, and make an excellent snack or addition to a meal.

These contain a great balance of these nutrients;

  • protein
  • carbohydrates
  • fat
  • fibre

These healthy snacks will keep your blood sugar levels stable, giving you a steady supply of energy between meals.

You can think of them as your natural energy bar.

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DIY Gluten free swaps

Fortunately, now there are so many different options for you to use instead of wheat flours.

There's options like almond flour and thousands of DIY flour recipes online as well.

So you can probably find a gluten free swap to pretty much any of your favourite recipes.

Simply searching for gluten free biscuits, cakes or muffins will give you plenty of options to choose from from your local health food store or supermarket.

Avocado cacao pudding

Who said that healthy food has to be boring all of the time?

Not us and anyone in the Super Cubes office.

Full of great, guilt-free ingredients, this recipe will sure make you the envy of everyone around you.

Simply mix and mash together the following ingredients;

  • 1 avocado 
  • 3 tablespoons cacao/cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey if you want some sweetness
  • Add plant milk to reach your desired consistency

And there you have it, easy to make and delicious for you at the same time.

Chia pudding

Chia pudding has been mentioned a lot on our blog for a few simple reasons.

It’s delicious, nutritious, easy to modify and quick to make.

This sounds perfect for a snack food!

You can find the recipe for chia pudding here if you feel the need to make it.

And if you want to do some research on how chia seeds can help improve your health, you can find out more about all the benefits of chia here.

Whole food anything

A few minutes of prep in the kitchen (plus using a timer) can go a long way in giving you a seemingly unlimited supply of whole food gluten free snacks.

Whole foods can be explained as plant based foods that are generally unprocessed or unrefined.

Sometimes foods that have minimum processing and refinement can be classed or refers to as whole foods as well.

It can come down to your personal interpretation or meaning of whole foods in the end.

We can say though that most unprocessed whole foods are naturally gluten free.

Here’s some suggestions for you for some other whole food gluten free snacks;

  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Raw nuts
  • Piece of fruit
  • Celery with nut butter
  • Carrot and pesto
  • Zucchini crisps
  • Guacamole

Being gluten free, as easy as one, two, three

Whether you’re making gluten free food for you, the people you love or both, there are plenty of options available for you as you can see.

And not all gluten free snacks need to taste bad for you either.

With a bit of trial and error and experimenting with ingredients and serve sizes, you'll have a full recipe book of gluten free snack ideas in no time at all.

And what's another great benefit about all of the above gluten free options?

Yes, you guessed it, they're all kid friendly too.

So if you're looking for healthy gluten free snack ideas for kids, you've found some!

And we reiterate again, if you're in doubt with the level of gluten freeness of any food, consult your health professional.

You can't be too careful these days.

So, make sure to check out our latest range of Wholefoods Bars that can certainly satisfy your tastebuds and body.

And let us know what’s your favourite out of our gluten free snack bars on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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