Train in the same clothes everyday

We have a variation of wearing the same clothes every day to work hack, it's called the Train in the same clothes everyday Household Hack! You can learn more about it and how it can save you lots of time below!

Well you may have already heard about the Household Hack that saves you time when you wear the same clothes to work.


We read that wearing the same clothes (or same style) every day like Obama, Zuckerburg and Jobs meant simplifying one more decision in your day.

We’ve also read about people wearing the actual same clothes every day to work.

You would have to hope if you work in a trade you wouldn’t be doing this (or showing up to carry out a plumbing job at our office on a Friday afternoon).

So we thought we would hit another level and add to our post on “Sleep in your Workout Gear” by letting you know that you should train in the same clothes every day to save you time.

Benefits of training in the same clothes

Here are the three main reasons we can think of (with brief explanations below) to wear the same clothes every time you train, go to the gym or do any type of exercise.

  • Save time
  • Conserve your brain power
  • Feel comfortable and in control

    Wasting time

    Why waste your precious time standing with your arm resting on your wardrobe door gazing into your superabundant deluge of clothing trying to figure out what to wear when you exercise.

    We all do it, wardrobe and the fridge (although for different reasons).

    It’s hard enough to figure out what has been washed sometimes, let alone wasting time matching colours and finding matching socks.

    Make it easy for yourself with one style, one colour and one pair of shoes.


    Saving your brain power

    Carrying on from the above, it takes a lot of brain power to think about what you want to wear, find what you want to wear and then getting dressed into what you want to wear.

    Wouldn’t you want to simplify this process by walking to “The Gym Draw” and pulling out your items of clothes, putting them on and go?

    Less choice = more time for you = winning.

    Feel comfortable and in control

    Feeling comfortable and in control is different for many people, but in this case you want to put yourself back in the driver’s seat. 

    Everybody has a favourite outfit, suit or particular style they are comfortable with and going to the gym shouldn’t be any different.

    What did you wear to the gym when you thought to yourself “I’m on fire!”, I look good, feel good, my intensity is amazing and everyone is looking at me.

    That should be your choice of clothing for the gym and every day you exercise.

    Ace in the hole and in control.

    Your mind playing tricks on you

    It may seem a bit funny implementing the above and the notion of cutting down on your daily choices to improve your mindset and health.

    But this is just your mind playing tricks on you.

    Think of it this way.

    If you can save time in your day and spend that saved time doing what you want to do it has to be good for your mindset and health doesn’t it?

    The hardest part of the challenge of changing habits is buying five or more of the same pieces of clothing in the same shop.

    Imagine heading into your local shopping centre, finalising your perfect training gear and then taking five lots of them (yes, including socks) up to the counter.


    You could always explain that you are buying the clothing for your sports team and remarkably we are all the same size then laugh loudly (just make sure not to snort during the laugh as it may not be as believable).

    Once you get your hands on your clothes you just have to wear the same thing every time you exercise.

    Time saved by training in the same clothes everyday

    As per above, if you have read through our Household Hack “Sleep in your Workout Gear”, you will already be saving yourself 10 minutes a day.

    If you change your habit and exercise in the same clothes you would on average save yourself another 5 minutes in your day from just not having to choose what to wear.

    Here are the save time calculations for you, based on training 4 times a week.

    Daily = 5 minutes saved a day

    Weekly = 20 minutes saved for yourself weekly

    Monthly (based on a 4 week month) = 80 minutes saved monthly

    Yearly = 960 minutes or 16 hours saved for you over the year

    With all of this time you have on your hands there is a myriad of things you could do and as per normal, here are a few suggestions for you.

    You could do approximately 1152 rotations on the Star of the Show Ferris Wheel in Darling Harbour, you could blend 1920 blends of Super Cubes (based on the time it takes to place the cubes in a blender, blend and serve) or you could just use this time to get extra sleep.

    So the choice is yours, Ferris Wheel, Super Cubes or Sleep.

    If you do decide to try out this Household Hack we have only one thing to ask of you, please don’t make your footwear selection a pair of Black Slip On Kung Fu Shoes.

    You know the ones we're talking about and we all have that one friend that has them.

    Well we also have that one person in the Super Cubes Office that keeps letting us know they will be back in fashion soon.

    Yes, so will pocket protectors one day.

    Buy your Super Cubes now!