The power of probiotics

Want to learn more about probiotics and how they can help your gut health? You can learn about the power of probiotics from one of our nutritional experts. You can also learn how to add probiotics into your diet too, read more about probiotics below.

Gut health is where it’s at, and for good reason.

A healthy gut is now linked with everything from clear skin to effortless weight maintenance and even improved mental health.

One of the most important tools when it comes to nourishing your gut is probiotics.

What are probiotics?

The easiest way to understand your gut is to think of it as a garden.

It needs a few different things to nurture it – seeds to plant, water and sunshine for the plants, and protection from pests.

In the gut, probiotics are the seeds that you plant.

They are beneficial microbes that can establish a colony in the digestive tract and benefit your health.

Probiotics are best paired up with prebiotics. Prebiotics are like the sunshine and water in a garden – they feed the good microbes.

You can find prebiotics in a lot of plant foods, including berries, kiwifruit, pineapple and seeds like chia seeds.

What are some health benefits of probiotics?

Different strains of probiotics can have different benefits.

Some of the general benefits that research has associated with consuming probiotics include:

    The benefits of GanedenBC30

    Super Cubes uses GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) as their probiotic strain of choice.

    There are many studies that explore how this strain could be beneficial for wellbeing.

    Let’s have a quick look at the findings.

    Digestive health

    Not surprisingly, many of the health benefits supported by research are focused on the digestive tract.

    Studies suggest that consuming GanedenBC30 could:

      Immune health

      Gut health and immunity have close ties, and many probiotics can have benefits for immune health.

      The research suggests that GanedenBC30 demonstrates:

        Muscle recovery

        Feeling sore after a workout?

        You might be reaching for the protein powder, but you might want to think about your gut health as well.

        One research study looked at consuming casein in combination with GanedenBC30, and found some impressive benefits.

        The participants experienced reduced muscle damage, enhanced recovery and maintained physical performance after a strenuous workout compared to taking casein without the probiotic.

        How can you add probiotics into your diet?

        Everyone can benefit from nurturing their gut health.

        Probiotics are just one piece of the digestive health picture, but they are easy to add in as part of a balanced diet.

        One of the easiest ways to get probiotics into your daily diet is adding a gluten free, great tasting berry digest smoothie into your day because it has the GanedenBC30 prebiotic in it.

        You can get you hands on this Super Cubes favourite here, frozen berry smoothie with prebiotic.


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