Prepare your meals the night before

We all want to save time don't we? Well you can prepare your meals the night before to save yourself time in your day. We are all busy, so this Household Hack, if used for good, can save you a huge amount of time in a week!

This is another great household hack for you that can save so much time. It may seem like a simple solution that many people know about, but do they do it?​


Predominantly many people either prepare their meals just before they eat them or in the morning, just before they leave for their day. 

There are a few reasons why preparing your meals the night before is a great idea.

  • It helps you stick to your nutrition plan by giving yourself plenty of time to prepare.
  • It lowers the potential for error the next morning if you are in a rush or the unexpected happens. (sleep in, can’t find your socks or forget to take a “leaving to go to gym selfie”)
  • Possibly the most important one, it can save you time throughout your day!

    Stick to your nutrition plan

    Preparing your meals before you need them can help you stick to your nutrition plan because it gives you plenty of time to work out what you need and in the correct portion size if needed.

    Just put your meals in separate containers and have them in the fridge ready to put into your food bag before you leave in the morning.

    By preparing meals the night before you also lessen the chance you will impulse buy food the next day.

    We’ve all been there, it’s just not talked about often.

    No food for the day so I’ll just duck out and grab something quick and easy!

    This can blow out your calories and blow out your budget over time too as its usually much cheaper (and healthier) to prepare your own meals than buy them.

    Lower potential for errors

    If you become a “Gunnado” in the evenings like many, this can put more pressure on yourself in the morning if things don’t go the way you have planned.

    We all have friends like this, “I don’t need to prepare my meals for tomorrow, I’m gunnado that in the morning”.

    One sleep in and your nutrition plan is back to square one.

    Don’t be a “Gunnado”, be a “Ivalreadydunnit” and take away your morning stress.

    Just by spending half an hour or so in the evening thinking about and preparing your meals can make a massive difference the next day!

    Save time through your day

    Possibly the most important point for you will be you can save yourself time.

    If you are an ultra-busy person with so many tasks to complete each day either for work, home or family, saving yourself time throughout your day can make a huge difference!

    Preparing meals for the following day means there is one less thing to think about and do in your day.

    If you make your kids lunches or your partners lunch, why not make plan and make your meals too at the same time then it’s done and ready for the next day.

    Or, if you aren’t the meal maker in your house you might be able to get someone else to make your meals for the next day.

    Then you have potentially saved yourself even more time by using the ancient art of delegation!

    Time saved by preparing your meals the night before

    The saying goes, failing to plan is a planning to fail and this is especially true if you want to save time throughout your working day.

    Here is a rough estimate of the total minutes and hours you can save by preparing your meals the night before.

    This takes into account the time it would take you to walk to a café to get a meal either to take away or sit down and eat.

    We counted five days a week with 45 minutes per day saved.

    15 minutes a meal is just a rough average for you, it would more than likely be more than this in a day.

    Your own calculations may vary depending on how far you travel to eat, how long your meal may take to prepare and if you are a slow eater like sloth’s.

    Daily = 45 minutes saved daily

    Weekly = 225 minutes saved weekly

    Monthly (based on a 4 week month)</strong> = 900 minutes saved a month

    Yearly = 10,800 minutes saved in a year

    These time calculations above have been rounded down from 4.345 weeks in a month and 52.143 weeks in the year.

     They also don’t take into account the 366 days that occur in a Leap Year that occurs every 4 years (the next one is 2020).

    Now it’s time for you to try out this hack and work out the time you could save yourself over a week!

    There are plenty of other benefits (as you can see) from preparing your meals the night before and this is also where Super Cubes can help you too.

    By slotting in a Super Cube frozen smoothie into either your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack attack meal you can save yourself even more time.

    Just stop, drop and blend.

    • Stop what you are doing
    • Head to the freezer, take out a Super Cube
    • Drop the cube into your blender with your preferred liquid
    • Blend and drink

      So if you want to steal back a bit of time in your day, become more productive, increase your output or just make sure you are sticking to your nutrition game plan.

      There are certainly more positives than negatives in preparing your meals the night before!

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