Is drinking vegetable frozen smoothies daily healthy for you?

Do you like to have a few frozen smoothies through the week? Have you ever wondered if drinking vegetable frozen smoothies daily can be healthy for you? Well your in luck, we have all of the information for you below, answering this age old question and more!

Well it certainly can be.

Like with most things in the nutrition world, the answer to this question isn’t always so black and white though.

Here’s a few more things to ponder before hitting that pulse button on your blender.

  • What’s in my smoothie?
  • What are my daily needs right now?
  • Do I actually like having frozen smoothies?

These questions and a lot more, are all things you need to consider before you find out whether drinking vegetable frozen smoothies daily is healthy for you.

So, as always, read the rest of this article below and apply the learnings to the unique human that is YOU.

Now onto the first step, let’s ensure you have a high-quality, nourishing smoothie first.

Make sure you have a high quality smoothie first

The basic starting point of your smoothie is analysing what you are going to use as ingredients and if the ingredients are going to complement your nutrition goals.

So below, we’ll run through the two main part of most frozen smoothies, the liquid you use and your ingredients.


This is quite literally the base of your smoothie.

Without a solid base, things can crumble really quick, which is kind of funny because liquids are not a solid base, but you get what we’re saying.

Some healthy liquid options to add to your smoothies include plant-based milks, coconut water or even plain old filtered water.

If you’re buying these liquids pre-made to add, look at the nutritional labels first and foremost for ‘natural flavour,’ ‘maltodextrin’ and any added sugars and try to avoid these products when possible.

Your ingredients

These are the ingredients you’ve put in yourself or the ones in a ready-to-blend or store-bought smoothie.

Here the same rules apply as the liquids, look at the labels!

It’s no secret we think our smoothie cubes are the best, after all, we wouldn’t be producing them if we didn’t.

Whether you choose Super Cubes or use an alternative already blended smoothie provider, here are some things you should be looking at:

  • What ingredients are in it?
  • How much of each ingredient is being used (go for a label that shows percentages of ingredients)?
  • Are any preservatives used?
  • How about artificial sweeteners or added sugars?

Now that you have chosen a great smoothie liquid base and some great ingredients, let’s see what a highly nutritious smoothie can do for you.

What are the benefits of a vegetable frozen smoothie?

You’ll be shocked to know that most of the benefits of having vegetable frozen smoothie revolve around the vegetables that you chose to include in your smoothie recipes.

More plants for you

We were shocked when we read this stat, but the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that around 95% of Australians AREN’T eating at least 2 and 5 serves of fruit and veggies daily.

Having a daily vegetable smoothie is hands down, one of the easiest ways to bump up your plant foods and meet this daily goal!

Having more plants in your daily diet can help you benefit in these ways:

  • Lowered mortality
  • Less chance of developing chronic diseases
  • Improved heart, colon, gut health
  • Plenty more other reasons

More plants means more fibre

Again, another dietary parameter that Australian’s are currently falling short on.

A 2018 fibre intake study suggested that 58% of children and 72% of adults DON’T get their daily recommended amount of fibre.

What are we doing here?

That’s a large percentage that are potentially looking like they won’t be regular often.

Vegetable based frozen smoothies and smoothies in general can help you with your roughage in your diet without too much extra effort.

Easier for digestion

Chances are that you, or someone you know has occasional or chronic digestive problems.

There’s a multitude of reasons for this, poor diet, stress, lack of pre and probiotic foods and many more.

By having something that’s pre-chewed (aka blended) you’re making life easier on your digestive system.

The increased surface area is much easier to digest and the shorter eating time will help those of you with a busy, stressful, schedule.

Improving your digestion also has flow on effects to help every other aspect of your health.

Bonus benefit of vegetable frozen smoothies

You can stress less with the added convenience.

Saving time on preparation, eating and cleaning up means you have time up your sleeve to achieve your other daily tasks.

Perhaps you’ll use this time to have a bit of an extra sleep in, to do a few squats or just sit outside watching the sunrise sipping on your Banana oat blueberry breakfast smoothie.

In any case, having some more free time is going to do wonders for your health.


If you’re drinking the same smoothie day after day it can come with some downsides.

Namely, the lack of seasonal variety in the diet.

Be sure to change up your smoothies regularly, depending on your needs of course.

If you've had an intense few days of exercise, you should look at some of the higher calorie and higher protein smoothies for a little while.

Looking to start a springtime cleanse?

You should make sure to include a lot of nutritious greens including green vegetables.

What's your next frozen smoothie recipe?

So, we can see that smoothies, if done right, aren’t just healthy, they’re also convenient and can help you to get in the top 5% of your country in regards to plant consumption!

And to answer the question, is drinking vegetable frozen smoothies daily healthy for you?

You’d have to say that after reading the above information, vegetable frozen smoothies would be a great addition to anyone’s day!

So make sure to start your day with a good quality smoothie and then monitor and see how your health may improve in so many ways!

Have smoothies transformed your health already?

Or do you have any of your own favourite Super Cube vegetable smoothie recipes you want to share with us?

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