Is coconut water good for your health?

Can coconut water be good for your health? Well, there are certainly lot's of positives for including coconut in your diet . You can find out how coconut water may help you below.

There’s so many different health products that use coconut at the moment, so it can be confusing to know what works and more importantly, if coconut is good for your health?

Some use coconut oil, coconut milk and of course, there is coconut water.

So why is coconut water so good for your health and why did we want to include it in some of our Super Cubes formulas and in our frozen smoothie recipes too?

There are many reasons why we use coconut water and also why it can be a great addition to your daily nutrition plan.

Please read on to understand the benefits of coconut water and why experts advise that it may be good for your health!

What is coconut water?

Most people don’t know where coconut water comes from or how it’s produced.

Is coconut water manufactured or naturally produced?

Or does it just magically appear in plastic bottles in the fruit juice section at your closest supermarket or juice bar?

We’ll answer this question for you now, just so you have a better understanding of where this super, nutrient dense and natural ingredient comes from.

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside green coconuts growing on the large palm trees known as Cocos nucifera or as we like to call them, coconut palms.

The green coconuts are the young fruit and as the coconut matures the clear liquid inside slowly transforms into the fleshy part attached to the inside of the shell. This flesh in the coconut is called coconut meat.

The volume of coconut water present in a younger green coconut is high, although coconut water is still found in the more mature coconuts too.

A coconut may take a year to fully ripen, so it is around the six to seven-month mark where a young green coconut will have the most water available and this is when they are usually harvested.

Coconut water is completely different to coconut milk as you will read below.

What’s the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?

There are a few differences between coconut water and coconut milk, the main difference being how each is produced.

As outlined above coconut water is naturally produced by a coconut and harvested when the coconut is six to seven months old.

Whereas coconut milk is produced from a mixture of grated coconut meat and water.

The coconut meat is mixed with a measured quantity of water, sometimes simmered and then left to soak.

When this blend is strained you get the desired coconut milk.

The other difference is the nutritional makeup of coconut water compared to coconut milk.

Coconut water has close to 0.7gm of Protein, 3.7gm of Carbohydrate, 105mg of Sodium, 250mg of Potassium and 0.2gm of Fat per 100 grams.

Coconut milk has close to 2.3gm of Protein, 6gm of Carbohydrate, 15mg of Sodium, 263mg of Potassium and 24gm of Fat per 100 grams.

As you can see there is a big difference and you can also see why one is used in cooking more than the other, it's to get those creamy textures and taste that most of us love!

What’s in coconut water?

On average, a young green coconut has anywhere from half a cup to one cup of coconut water so it is hard to work out the exact amount of nutrients you will get in coconut water unless you just use a fixed amount.

For us it here below, it will be per 100 grams.

Also note, the below can vary depending on the age of the coconut, when its picked and also where on earth the coconut is grown.

So here is roughly what you can expect to get in 100 grams of coconut water.

Energy 19kcal
Protein 0.7g
Total Fat 0.2g
Carbohydrate 3.7
Fibre 1.1g
Sugars 2.61g
Calcium 24mg
Iron 0.29mg
Magnesium 25mg
Phosphorus 20mg
Potassium 250mg
Sodium 105g
Zinc 0.10mg

As you can see above some of the levels of nutrients are pretty good for coconut water.

Also note the levels of Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium are great for pre-hydration and re-hydration for sports as we will discuss now for you now below.

Are there health benefits using coconut water?

The potential health benefits of using coconut water are plentiful:

  • Great source of nutrients
  • Aids in electrolyte replenishment
  • Assists with blood pressure management
  • Helps remove toxins from the body
  • Supports reduction of stress and muscle tension
  • Excellent source of B-complex vitamins
  • May help with digestion and metabolism

    Great source of nutrients

    With the natural make up of nutrients in coconut water you really are getting a drink that not only tastes great, also moderately low in calories, carbohydrate and sugars while being chock full of vitamins and minerals for you.

    This makes coconut water a great and also an easy choice for you to add into your daily nutrition plan.

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    Aids in electrolyte replenishment 

    There have been numerous studies done on the coconut regarding post exercise hydration and it’s no surprise really how coconut water stood up.

    The maintenance of fluid balance and electrolytes during exercise and post exercise is an integral part of performing as well as you can and this is also true in your recovery too.

    Coconut water, with its levels of natural electrolytes including magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, can be a perfect drink during these times of need for your body.

    You could also call it preventative maintenance if you are having or drinking coconut water during the week outside of your exercise times.

    May assist in blood pressure management

    Using coconut water has been shown as fantastic way to help with lowering systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure too (71% and 29% respectively).

    It’s mainly the potassium level in coconut water that is driving these benefits although the other nutrients also have their parts to play in helping.

    When mixed with exercise, you have a great combination to help keep your blood pressure inline.

    Although if you have children or a stressful job role, you might need to find a few other additions for your diet help you out!

    Why we use coconut water?

    You have to ask yourself after reading the above, why wouldn’t you want to drink coconut water or use it in your smoothies?

    Its packed with natural nutritional goodness and can easily be added to other ingredients to form a great base for a frozen smoothie or similar.

    And that’s where Super Cubes can come in and help you as some of our products have coconut water in their formulas. 

    We have plenty of options to help improve your health and save you time throughout your day.

    So stay for a while longer, read a bit more and check out some more of our frozen smoothie cube range.

    Buy your Super Cubes now!