How to prepare your smoothies for the week

Want to save yourself time during the week? Struggling for ideas for healthy snacks for your day? Yes? Well, let's learn how to do both at the same time. Below you'll learn how to prepare your smoothies for the week, which are healthy and will save you time!

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

On top of being the president and supposed vampire hunter, Abraham Lincoln seemed to know a thing or two about productivity.

Wait a minute.

Unless you’re chopping down a tree to get your fruit, what does this quote have to do with making your smoothies for the week?

Quite simply, sharpening the axe means looking for ways to make yourself more productive, to get more out of the same amount of time and resources.

So, if you’re the time poor individual who wants to nail their meal prep or even the time rich individual who just wants more free time to do the things you love, this below is for you!

Batch prepping – Smoothie edition

To successfully batch prep smoothies for the week, you’re going to need.

In terms of ingredients, make sure you have the following ready to go.

Steps for you to prepare your smoothies for the week.

  • Clean and drain all the foods that you need to
  • Chop them up and put them in the blender
  • Add your favourite liquid and smoothie cubes
  • Add any extra powders that you need (i.e. protein powders)
  • Blend away
  • Pour into your containers
  • Add in your crunchy edibles
  • Keep 1 or 2 in the fridge for the next day and freeze the rest, transferring them the night before from the freezer to the fridge
  • Pat yourself on the back because you’re now a smoothie prep superstar

Now you know how to do it, but which foods should you include?

Variety in your smoothies 

A variety of fruit and vegetable sources can lead to an overall greater variety in your gut microbiome (the bacteria living inside you) which is also associated with better health.

What does this mean for you?

It means eating the rainbow and putting down the skittles.

The fruit and vegetable coloured rainbow that is!

When doing your weekly shopping aim to get each of these colours in your shopping trolley.

  • Red/purple – for their antioxidant and heart health benefits
  • Orange/Yellow – Carotenoids that help with eye health
  • Green – to improve detoxification and our own antioxidant production

It can be difficult to eat the rainbow every single day, so why not aim to at least eat it over the course of the week?

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Combine red and green and what do you get?


And that’s because this smoothie will be exquisite, in the best sense of the word.

Add some beetroot powder, raspberries and Super Greens Smoothie cubes to your blender alongside your favourite liquid to get all the detoxification enhancing, gut helping and heart healthy benefits of these ingredients.

PP berry smoothie recipe

This one will be much more visually appealing than our brown mixture above.

Add our Berry Digest Smoothie alongside some papaya and pineapple.

This is to get all the benefits of the red, purple, orange and yellow group of foods along with the digestion enhancing effects of pineapple and papaya.

You know these varieties of smoothies are going to taste great every single time.

Blending it all together for the ultimate smoothie prep 

To sum all of the above up for you.

  1. Be prepared
  2. Include some variety in your smoothies to cover all your health bases
  3. Blend it all together when you can
  4. Enjoy your smoothies all week long!

As you can see smoothie meal prepping can take up a bit of your time initially, but in the long term you’ll save time throughout your week and have time free when you need it.

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe at the moment?

Do you follow the eating the rainbow guideline for your favourite smoothie recipes?

If that’s a yes, let us know on Facebook or on our Instagram, we’re always interested to see what people are experimenting with and why.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw in a half Wholefoods bar in every now and then, they blend quite nicely and can enhance the flavour of most smoothies while adding in some extra nutrients too!

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