How to make healthy snacks for kids that are picky eaters

Do you have a picky eater in your household? Well you’re not alone. But lucky for you there's many tasty and healthy snacks available for kids that are picky eaters as you'll read below. You might even like a few of them yourself!

Do you have a child that is a picky eater? 

You’re not alone, many children go through a fussy eating phase. 

Most picky eaters tend to prefer blander and less nutrient-dense options, especially when it comes to snacks. 

But you should still want to make sure they eat healthy foods as often as possible.

So, how can you make healthy snacks for your picky eater?

Healthy snacks they’ll love the taste of while still taking care of all their nutritional needs.

Too hard?

Not really if you have a plan and here’s a few simple tips to get you started.

Incorporate their favourite healthy ingredients and flavours

Most fussy kids should still have one or two healthy foods that they enjoy. 

And as a quick tip, generally the one or two healthy foods they will enjoy, won’t include brussel sprouts!

So, as an example for you, many children still enjoy the sweeter fruits and they will often love chocolate-flavoured treats (as we all do!)

To start with, it’s time to go ahead and embrace these favourites!

You can chop up all of their favourite fruits and make a fruit salad for a healthy afternoon snack.

Bake some homemade muffins or cookies that are chocolatey thanks to a spoonful or two of healthy cacao. 

And over time, when you combine this tip with the rest of the tips below, you can make their taste preferences work for you and slowly broaden their palate.

Disguise your veggies

Unless you’ve gotten very lucky, it’s likely that your fussy eater is not a fan of veggies (yes, yes, more than likely not a fan of brussel sprouts).

Don’t worry though, you can still sneak a serve in without them even noticing!

It’s as easy as adding in a handful of baby spinach into a rich chocolate banana smoothie, or a stalk or two of cauliflower into a vibrant berry smoothie

Or you could try adding some sweet potato puree to their muffins or blending in some carrot with dried fruit to make bliss balls.

With so many vegetables and so many different ways to try and disguise them in easy to eat recipes, make sure you take notes on what works and what doesn’t for next time.

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Try different textures and preparations

Picky eaters can often have issues with specific textures or cooking methods as well.

Some things just don’t sit right with children.

Trying different ways of preparing the food might uncover a way that your fussy eater will happily eat nutritious foods!

Some ideas to try could include these below;

  • Chopping raw veggies into sticks or rounds and serving with dip
  • Slice fruit into thin slices
  • Dehydrating slices of potato, sweet potato, carrot and other veggies to make ‘chips’
  • Blend up chia seed pudding until it is smooth
  • Make smoothies thicker or thinner depending on their preference. Try adding some avocado or coconut yoghurt to make it smoothie-bowl thick, or add extra liquid to thin it out

Get creative with presentation

Just like adults, kids can be visual eaters as well.

The more fun that a snack looks, the more likely it is that they will at least try it! 

So, you can make this visualisation work to your advantage. 

You might like to try these snacks out.

  • Serve a rainbow of veggies on a snack plate
  • Create a smiley face with different fruits and other snacks
  • Serve a tasty smoothie in their favourite cup
  • Top veggie-packed baked goods with a frosting in their favourite colour

Get them involved in the snack creation process

One way to get kids to try and enjoy healthy foods is to include them in the preparation process.

Ask them to help you make healthy snacks for them and you at the same time.

It makes sense that if you’re making healthy snacks for yourself the same as them, they’re more likely to eat them and enjoy them too!

You might get them to help mix the healthy muffin batter or roll the bliss balls and put them on a tray ready to refrigerate. 

If you’re really committed, you can easily take this a step further. 

Why not take them along to the supermarket or farmers market to pick out ingredients to make their healthy treats.

You can even get them involved in growing some fruit, vegetables and herbs in your garden as a next level project!

It’s more than putting healthy snacks on a plate in front of them

If the struggle is real and you’re continually struggling to find healthy snacks for your kid or kids to eat, it might be time to try out some of the above ideas.

To start though, one of the simplest things to do with a picky eater is getting involved in their eating process and also getting them involved in preparing the healthy snacks too.

You might learn the barrier is something as simple as having their fruit cut up into small pieces, or removing the seeds out of their grapes.

You don’t know until you ask these questions and start spending the time focusing on the goal.

One thing to mention about this process (this might be a good or bad thing), be prepared to eat the snacks that get rejected or at least palm them off onto the rest of your family members!

You might be surprised how bad they taste, or you don’t realise that the texture of some fruits isn’t quite right for you or your kids.

Either way, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought and remember to try our frozen Smoothie Cubes, Wholefoods Bars or our Superfoods Purée as a healthy snack enjoyed alone or mixed in with other ingredients.

They taste great and are a super healthy snack alternative for growing bodies and minds!

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