How to freeze apples for your smoothies

Have you ever wondered whether you can freeze apples for your smoothies or even how you can freeze apples for use in your frozen smoothies? Well we did too! So, we thought we'd give you a bit of apple nutrition information and at the same time, offer you 3 Options for freezing your apples while we're at it!

Lucky for you, at the time of writing this, apples are still in season. 

Though only just.

If you want to artificially extend your apple season but don’t want to pay for the high prices at the markets, then let’s talk about freezing them. 

First, why would you want to add apples in your smoothie recipe?

Nutrition of the apple

Whilst berries and avocados have taken all the fruit limelight in recent years, apples are not something that we should forget about at all!

Here are some of the nutrients and phytochemicals that are contained in this fruit.

  • A little bit of vitamin A, Bs, E and K
  • A good chunk of your Vitamin C RDI
  • The minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium
  • A decent amount of fibre and pectin
  • Some interesting phytochemicals such as quercetin and ursolic acid

Apples (as we've mentioned above), contain the plant chemicals quercetin and pectin. 

Quercetin is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, making apples a winner if you suffer from seasonal allergies, while pectin may help you to control blood sugar and your cholesterol levels.

Freezing apples

Below we run through 3 options for freezing your apples ready to use in your smoothies.

You might want to try only one option or you might want to try all three.

Just find a way that works for you that takes into account, the time you have available and also, how you like to use them in your smoothies.

It’s no use freezing big chucks of apple if you have to re-cut them when you get them out of the freezer, you might as well do the job right from the start so you can just blend, drink and go.

Prepare the apples first

Peel or don’t peel, depending on your preference.

As you’ve probably heard, the peel does contain some important nutrients, like pectin and fibre.

Next, after you’ve made the decision on the plight of the peel, remove the apples seeds, its stem and the apple core too.

Then you’re almost ready to start freezing your apples!

Option 1 - Tray freeze

  • As the name implies, a tray is involved in this option
  • Cut your apples, and dip them into a bowl of lemon water prevent browning
  • Place your cut apples onto some baking paper in a tray and freeze them
  • This should take just a couple of hours
  • After they’re frozen, transfer to a freezer bag

Option 2 - Blend into ice cubes

  • As above, prepare the apples, cut them into chunks and blend with a bit of water and lemon
  • Pour these into ice cube trays and freeze
  • Pop them into the blender as you would our smoothie cubes

Option 3 - Blend into a smoothie and freeze

  • For the time poor among us
  • Make a bulk smoothie, at least 3 or so days’ worth, with your apples in it
  • Add a day’s worth of smoothie to a mason jar and freeze (don’t fill it right up to the top!)
  • Then defrost when you need it and are ready to drink

An apple smoothie a day keeps….

With a bunch of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, great flavour and characteristic crunch, it’s no wonder apples earned the title of keeping the doctor away. 

So you don’t have to run out of this beautiful fruit, start freezing them now!

We do make extra cubes here every now and then at the Super Cubes office (like option two) to use in the office frozen smoothies.

It gives us a few more flavours to choose from and also gives us an extra bit of variety in our frozen smoothie recipes to get us through those hard afternoons.

And it gives us a bit of a chuckle too when people come into the kitchen and then start to ask everybody “where’s my apple I had in the fridge?”

How about you, are you an apple fan?

What are some of your favourite memories of apples?

Do you have your favourite apple favourite smoothie you can share with us?

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