How to clean your frozen smoothie blender

Do you have a process for cleaning your blender after making your favourite healthy frozen Super Cubes smoothie? Well your in luck! We teach you about the many different ways you can clean you blender after making smoothies below.

Apart from the health benefits of smoothies, we're sure you’ve also noticed just how quick they are to prepare.

Especially when you’re using a ready to blend frozen smoothie pack like Super Cubes.

But perhaps the most time consuming and least enjoyable part of making the smoothie is cleaning up the blender afterwards.

So let’s show you how to speed this cleaning process up, so onwards into learning “How to clean your frozen smoothie blender”.

Dishwasher Cleaning

First off, check if your blender is dishwasher safe in the instruction manual or on the manufacturers website.

If it is, this is great (and a bonus), you can save even more time than washing it yourself.

If your blender isn’t dishwasher safe, never fear, we’ve got you covered with some red hot blender cleaning tips below.

For a start, unless you’re going to be turning on the dishwasher for a cycle immediately, there is something you should do first no matter if you’re using a dishwasher or not.

Time is of the essence, Rinse now!

Whether it’s going in the dishwasher, being washed later in the day or soon, the best thing you can do is give your blender a preliminary rinse with hot water immediately!

The longer you wait, the harder it is to clean your blender.

Smoothie remnants cake onto the container and blades, making it much harder and more time consuming to wash.

It may even be too much for the dishwasher to remove and you’ll have to run it through again or wash it again by hand.

Remember, frozen smoothies are meant to save you time, don’t spend that extra time you’ve saved by washing up again.

Let’s speed this blender cleaning up

If you don’t have a dishwasher or your blender isn’t dishwasher safe we have a great solution for cleaning for you.

After your preliminary rinse out, make sure you add in some hot water and soap.

DO NOT fill the jug to the brim, only go to about half way or less.

Next, make sure your lid is secured tight, you may even need to hold it down with a towel.

Re-attach back onto the base and turn on your blender to the highest setting, then let it run for about 10 to 30 seconds, depending on how much there is to clean off.

If it’s the first time you’re doing this, start with the lowest speed and make sure there isn’t any spillage, then work your way up to the top speed.

Pour this water out into the sink and rinse out again with hot water.

Set to dry and voilà!

If your blender hasn’t been properly cleaned in a while and has some build up, you may just need to add in a little vinegar or lemon to the soapy water for a bit of extra cutting power.

There’s still some smoothie remnants

Despite this being a fantastic method, there may be some frozen smoothie remnants clinging onto life on the side of your blender.

Maybe your blender has been sitting out for quite a while (no judgements here, we’ve all been there) or it was just a really dense and thick smoothie.

These remnants usually get stuck under the blades which is the hardest part to clean unfortunately.

Rather than using your hands and risk cutting yourself, an old toothbrush can help you get those nasties out from under the blades.

An extra note here.

Please don’t Shaggy it and say “It wasn't me, Super Cubes made me do it” if you get busted because you currently don’t have an old toothbrush to use for cleaning.

Remember it’s your decision to use your partners or housemate’s toothbrush to clean the hard to get bits on your blender and this excuse won’t wash with us or others if used.

Finally and probably the most important tip, please make sure your blender is switched off and unplugged before trying this cleaning technique above.

Some final blender cleaning tips for you

You can search the web for ways to clean YOUR particular brand of blender (e.g. ‘How to clean a Nutribullet’ or ‘How to clean a Thermomix’), you may find an even better way than the methods we have outlined above.

Be sure to check the instructions manual as well, there may be particular advice around things to do and not do when cleaning.

Also if you pull apart your blender to clean it might pay to have the manual around too when you’re building it again after it has dried.

We don’t want to do a rebuild and have any parts left over, not ideal really.

All you need to know about cleaning blenders

Why not give some of these above a go next time you’ve made a smoothie?

Worst case scenario is that you’ll have to figure out what to do with all your extra time and it’s also a great excuse to add a few more delicious Super Cubes frozen smoothies into your day!

If you have any other ways or a have a better way you’ve discovered to clean your blender?

Let us know!

P.S. If you don’t even have a blender and you’re looking for one, you check out some blenders we have already written about here “What’s the Best Blender for Frozen Smoothies”.

We even let you know which are dishwasher safe, gee, we’re thoughtful!

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