How to add more carbs to your frozen smoothie

Have you ever wondered how to add more carbs into your Frozen Smoothies? Well there are many ways you can do this and we cover them for you below. So grab a seat, sit down and read about how easy it is to get more carbs!

Smoothies are incredibly versatile and they can be a meal or a snack for you.

You can have them before a workout or after a workout.

And the great thing is, you can make frozen smoothies fit almost any macronutrient profile you want.

But how can you add more carbs to your frozen smoothie?

Here are my top healthy picks if you are needing a little more carbohydrates in your day.


When you’re making a smoothie, fruit is often the first ingredient you reach for.

And that’s for a good reason – fruit is an excellent natural source of carbohydrate as well as fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.

Which fruits you add depends on how much carbohydrate you want to add.

If you just want a little extra, go for low-GI options like blueberries and strawberries.

But if you’re looking to really boost up the carb content, go for sweet options like banana and even dates.

Fruit is great in almost any smoothie you can dream up.

You can use them as the main flavour of the smoothie, or go for a mild fruit if you want to focus on another flavour.


Very few people get enough veggies every single day.

Even I fall short on occasion!

So any time you can fit in an extra serve with minimal effort is a win.

Vegetables are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, but they are also a good source of low GI carbohydrates.

Root veggies tend to be best for a higher carb count – think beetroot, pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato.

But you can add almost any veggie you like if you’re only looking for a small increase in carbs.

These are best if you’re trying to add carbohydrates, but still keep the nutrient levels high.

Natural sweeteners

Sometimes, you just want a really simple smoothie.

Maybe you just ran out of fruit.

Or maybe you just want to treat yourself a little with a special smoothie treat.

This is where natural sweeteners can come into the smoothie game.

My favourite natural sweetener is raw Australian honey, but you can also use dates, maple syrup, coconut sugar and molasses.

The goal here is to go for a sweetener with at least a little extra nutrition or health benefits!

These are great if you’ve already adding some fruit and veg and just need a little extra kick of carb.

Make sure you watch the serving size!

Wholegrains & pseudograins

Woah, you mean you can blend these bad boys? You sure can!

Wholegrains like oats and pseudograins like quinoa are great to add to your smoothies.

They bump up the carbohydrate content, but they also add fibre, minerals and antioxidants.

These are best if you’re looking to make a smoothie that is a meal, because they will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Base liquids

If you’re using water as your smoothie base, now is the time to switch it up.

There are plenty of base liquids you can use to add extra carbohydrates.

Coconut water, plant-based mylks (plant based milks too), dairy milk and fruit juice are a few options to consider.

Coconut water and fruit juice can be good for a post-workout rehydration smoothie, whereas milk and mylks are good bases for a meal replacement smoothie.

Whatever you choose, make sure you go for a base with minimal additives!

What now? It’s frozen smoothie making time!

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You might even try combining a few of those together and adding your carbs on top too!

Author | Samantha Gemmell
Sam is a Nutritionist, Health Writer and Wellness Speaker as well as being an Author for Super Cubes.
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