Get yourself a coffee machine with a timer

Do you like to partake in a hot caffeinated brown beverage before heading off to the gym or work? Well we do too! You can save time with this early morning Household hack and it doesn't cost the earth either!

Do you like to partake in a hot caffeinated brown coloured beverage before heading off to the gym or to work?

Are you running out of time to have a cuppa in the morning because you hit the snooze button a few times and it would take too long to boil the jug and make a coffee?

Do you have to ensure you make your coffee early enough so that you can go to the little room before you leave home?

This is rather than being excruciatingly uncomfortable in the car for half an hour or even worse, being stuck in morning traffic for a few hours before you get to your destination.

We have all been there before (more so the final question!).

So why risk an accident when you can save yourself so much time with this simple household hack.

A way to ensure you get your morning coffee and also don’t have any embarrassing incidents in the car is to purchase a coffee machine with a timer.

How do I know what coffee machine to buy?

This is exactly the same questions we asked ourselves here in the Super Cubes office when commencing research for this important Household Hack.

You could just head on down to your local and ask them.

Or you could carry on reading as we outline some of the choices you have before you even get to the saving time part of the process.

Here is a brief description of some of the coffee machines that are available for you.

Pod or Capsule Coffee Machines

These are the easiest machine to get a great coffee from and also you have the benefits of being able to change strength and flavours with every cup.

Easy to make and easy to get what you want.

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee or drip coffee machines can come in many different sizes and shapes.

Basically you put your coffee onto the filter and then fill up the water container on the machine.

Start the machine and it then heats the water and drips it evenly over the ground coffee.

The water then travels through the coffee down into the carafe which is usually sitting on a warming plate that keeps your coffee hot.

Bean to Cup Machines

These machines have a bit more going on with them. Y

ou add your unground beans and water and when ready for a delicious cup of coffee, you just press a button and it pretty much does everything for you.

Grinds the beans, filters the coffee and drops it straight into your vessel of choice.

Espresso Machines

The first espresso machine was built in 1884 in Italy, so there is a fair bit of history behind these coffee making machines.

In simple terms, you put ground coffee into portafilter and then twist it onto the machine.

The machine then forces boiling water through the hockey puck of coffee which then makes the journey into your coffee mug.

These are generally the commercial machines you see in the coffee shops and restaurants and also you can buy smaller machines for home use too.

So what, how can I save time?

Well once you settle on the coffee machine you like you just have to ensure you purchase one with a timer.

It’s that easy.

All of the above different types of coffee machines can be purchased with an automatic or timer function of some sort, you just have to ask or add “automatic” or “timer” if you’re searching online. 

The bigger commercial espresso machines may not have an automatic function, but there are the smaller in-home varieties that do.

Once purchased, you just have to load the machine up with the required amounts and set it to have your coffee ready a few minutes before you wake up.

Then you just have to drink and go (little room), then go. Too easy!

Now we have that out of the way we can move into how much time you can save by setting and forgetting for your morning energy booster.

Time saved with a coffee machine timer

We have had to find a middle ground for the time it takes to make a coffee across the different types of machines above.

Considering it would take time for you to fill the water, add the coffee, get your cup out, wait for the water to heat and then you have the contact time for the water and coffee after this to which is a big variable too.

So after hours and hours of research (well one meeting in the café around the corner, any excuse to get a little sun and have a coffee to talk about coffee) and collaborating with some of the finest coffee connoisseur’s in our office we came up a standard time saving of six and a half minutes.

Note that this timesaving doesn’t include cooling and drinking time.

We also ascertained that most of our friends that visit the Super Cubes site would have at least one coffee a day every day of the week.

So this means for all 365 days a year you could save six and a half minutes a day.

Daily = 6.5 minutes saved daily

Weekly = 45.5 minutes saved weekly

Monthly (based on a 4 week month) = 182 minutes saved a month

Yearly = 2,184 minutes or that could be 36.4 hours saved in a year

With an extra 2,184 minutes a year up your sleeve you could utilise this time for a wide variety of tasks.

A football match in the World Cup or Premier League is 90 minutes playing time (not including injury time) and 15 minutes for half time.

This means you could watch 20.8 football matches live or replays with this extra time.

Or, if football is not your cup of coffee, you could watch reruns or catch up on the latest season of Bachelor or Bachelorette.

The average times for the episodes vary so much so we have rounded it to a nice one hour each.

So you could watch roughly 36.4 episodes of the Bachelor or Bachelorette with this extra time saved automating your morning coffee.

Or you could just pull up the covers and get more sleep, the choice is yours totally!

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