Do the food shopping on the least busy day

Want to save time? Why not do your grocery shopping on the least busy day? It makes complete sense doesn't it? Here's a Household Hack from us that saves you time and may keep your peace of mind too at the same time!

Grocery shopping on the least busy shopping day sounds like a great idea but why even talk about it?

Because it can easily save you time and also reduce the stress in your life.

Here are some of the potential benefits for shopping on the least busy shopping day with short explanations for you to read through below.

  • Car parks
  • Shopping by yourself (take your time, no stress)
  • Less noise
  • Lower aisle congestion
  • You get to pick a great shopping trolley (not the dodgy leftovers)
  • You wont find yourself internally combusting to prevent yourself from isle rage 

    Plenty of car parking available

    What’s not to like about parking your car if you choose to shop on the least busy day at your local supermarket.

    You get to park closer to the entrance and at the same time, also reduce the risk of another car opening a door on yours too with all of the extra space around.

    While this may reduce your total step tally for your Fitbit challenge for the day it can result in a more pleasant shopping experience overall and also save you time.

    The time saving comes from being able to park closer to the entrance and the extra time saved from not driving around for an hour looking for a car park.

    Finally, there is the latching onto a finished shopper like a magnet to a fridge.

    You follow them back every millimetre to their car wishing and hoping that someone doesn’t cut you off or that they don’t take an age to unload all their groceries only to lock their car and head back inside and give you a wry smile as they stroll past.

    We’ve all been there, the car park struggles are torturous and real.

    Shop when it’s not busy, it’s easy and will save you time.

    Shop by yourself

    Although this may be thought of as a selfish act, it can be quite therapeutic for the body and soul.

    Taking a break from the world by doing even something as monotonous as grocery shopping can help relieve stress and even give you something to look forward to.

    Reading labels before you buy, checking out new products, taste testing or even hunting down bargains out of the coupon brochure, you have time to do this and its ok.

    Shopping by yourself can also mean no distractions.

    You can get the job done and be out of there without mounting pressure of yelling “don’t touch that”, “you really don’t need one of those”, “we have plenty of them already”, “can you put that back please” and that’s just at your partner, just wait until the kids start firing up.

    Shop by yourself and when it’s less busy, it’ll save you time and lower stress.

    Less noise when you're inside shopping

    There is nothing more relaxing than silence sometimes.

    A close second to silence is listening to the in store radio station in peace while you walk around filling your trolley full of healthy food.

    When you first put your hands on that trolley, take a deep breath and listen.

    What’s that noise?


    They say that some of the best ideas come to you when you are in the shower, here at Super Cubes we also say that some of the best ideas can come to you while shopping alone for groceries.

    In reality, both of these are the same, quiet time with little or no distractions lets you think about things.

    Shop by yourself when it’s less busy, save time, lower stress and take the time to think.

    Low aisle congestion

    That feeling when you walk around the corner into your supermarket and your gaze is hit with what seems like thousands of bodies everywhere.

    You think to yourself, “It’s a supermarket, not downtown Melbourne City Centre at 9am in the morning!".

    You deserve to shop in better, less crowded circumstances and this is another reason why you need to shop on the least busy day.

    Constant swerving of a trolley can take it out of you let alone reaching around people continuously.

    The final nail in the coffin of shopping during this frenzied time is the long waits.

    Deli = Take a number = Long wait

    Checkout = Not enough checkouts open = Longer wait

    Taste Test for new Super Cubes flavour = 10 deep line up = Longest wait

    You can waste a lot of time shopping when it’s busy and it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Shop by yourself when it’s less busy, save yourself time, lower your stress levels, take the time to think and don’t line up.

    You get to pick the best shopping trolley

    This may possibly be the most important reason to shop for groceries when it’s not busy.

    More people shopping at the same time increases your risk of getting a dodgy shopping trolley.

    Here are the most common features of the shopping trolley’s that will be left for you to choose from at the busiest times of the week.

    • Wheels that don’t touch the ground (one or two on some)
    • Greasy or unknown smeared handle
    • Has rubbish left in it from last shopper (used tissues are common)
    • Understeer and Oversteer (either left or right)
    • Stuck in trolley row (won’t budge no matter what you do)
    • Noisy wheel or wheels (annoying noise that follows you)
    • Child seat is stuck and the seat belt broken
    • Trolley brake is jammed

      We are sure there are more features of dodgy shopping trolleys, feel free to let us know on our Super Cubes Facebook Page.

      Having an awesome trolley when shopping can make the whole experience even better and also give you less of a workout trying to correct steering for your whole shop.

      Don’t be the person who has to rummage through the dregs of the shopping trolleys.

      Shop when other people don’t, it’s easier.

      Shop by yourself when it’s less busy, save time, lower stress, take the time to think, don’t line up and ensure you get a great, clean straight steering trolley.

      How do you find out which day is best?

      If the above isn’t enough to get you to change your ways, we don’t know what will!

      Here are a couple of ways to find out the best days for you to do your shopping.

      • Trial and error
      • Look at your local business listing page for the least popular times

        Trial and error is pretty self-explanatory really, you go, you shop and if it’s too busy then try another time.

        Make sure to take note when you went though as you won’t want to double up and get that same wonky wheeled trolley.

        Looking at your local business listing page is used by people a lot here in the Super Cubes office.

        Just go to Google Search, type in your local supermarket and look at their business listing in Google Maps.

        They have a blue block graph which shows the most popular times people visit to shop, you can use this information to choose the least busy time for you to shop.

        We told you it would be easy to save you time when shopping!

        No we can save you even more time throughout your day.


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        Make your life simpler and delicious at the same time with a few cubes a day!

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