Can I use frozen bananas in my smoothies?

Have you wondered whether you can freeze bananas to use in your smoothies at a later date? We did too, so we asked Sam (our nutritionist) if we could, and how to do it. Now we have her answer for you to read below.

Have you ever wondered if you can use completely frozen bananas in your favourite smoothie?

The answer, of course, is yes – frozen bananas and smoothies are a match made in heaven. 

By why would you have to use frozen bananas?

What’s the best way to freeze them, and how do you add them to your smoothie?

I’ve got all of the answers for you now.

Why use frozen bananas in a smoothie?

So why would you want to use frozen bananas in your smoothie in the first place?

Aren't there hundreds of other ingredients that would be better to use?

There are a few different reasons we can think of:

  1. You want a way to add natural sweetness to your smoothie recipe
  2. You’re looking for a wholefoods based hit of carbohydrates and quick acting energy
  3. You want to add a creamy, rich consistency to your favourite smoothie
  4. It’s hot outside, so you want your smoothie to be cold and refreshing
  5. Bananas are a good source of nutrients, and you want to boost up the nutrition of your favourite smoothie
  6. You had a bunch of overripe bananas that you threw in the freezer, and now it’s time to use them up
  7. You simply just love the taste of banana
  8. Frozen bananas are convenient and last longer, so you’ve always got them for any of the above reasons!

As you can see, all of these above are great reasons to start adding frozen bananas to your smoothies.

The many benefits of bananas

While I'm on the topic, what sort of nutrition and health benefits does a banana bring?

If you take your average banana that weighs about 125 grams, so you’ll be getting approximately this below when you add a banana to your smoothie:

  • 470kJ (112 calories)
  • 29g of carbohydrate
  • 1.4g of protein
  • 3.3g of fibre
  • 450mg of potassium
  • 25% of your daily vitamin B6 requirement
  • 18% of your daily vitamin C requirement
  • 8% of your daily magnesium requirement

Not convinced yet with these nutrient benefits?

Research has found that bananas are an excellent source of beneficial antioxidantsmay protect against kidney disease and could also reduce muscle cramps and soreness.

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How to freeze banana to use in a smoothie

So now you know you can use frozen bananas in your smoothie.

But what’s the best way to freeze your bananas for your smoothie?

  • Break or slice your banana up before putting it into the freezer. If your blender isn’t high powered, putting a whole frozen banana straight in can lead to big chunks of banana instead of a smooth and creamy smoothie!
  • If you have room, freeze the banana on a baking tray or baking paper for at least 30 minutes before putting into a storage container or freezer bag. This will minimise the sticking together of slices or pieces
  • Use your frozen bananas up within 6 months. Over time, the taste and quality of a frozen fruit can decline. So it’s best to use your bananas up within 6 months

How to add a frozen banana to your smoothie

There are two options you can take here.

You can add the amount of banana slices you prefer straight into your blender or food processor with any other ingredients and then blend for a refreshing smoothie. 

If you’re not a fan of cold drinks, maybe it’s a bit cold outside or you may just have sensitive teeth?

Not to worry.

You can take out the serving of banana and leave it to thaw for 20-30 minutes before blending it up.

This will bring the temperature of the banana and your smoothie down a bit.

You can add a banana to your cubes or purée

As a final easy-to-make smoothie tip, you can just add a frozen banana in with your favourite Smoothie Cubes or your favourite flavoured Superfood Purée too.

There are already the Chocolate Banana Smoothie Cubes and, of course, the banana flavoured Superfood Purée if you are a banana loving freak.

Or you could just add them to any of the other flavours for all for all of the potential benefits and all of the reasons above.

At least you now know why and how you can use frozen bananas in your smoothies.

It's also a great way to get more life out of your bananas without letting them go off!

Author | Samantha Gemmell
Sam is a Nutritionist, Health Writer and Wellness Speaker as well as being an Author for Super Cubes.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping people through their journey to health and wellness combining their mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. When she’s not helping people, she enjoys dancing in the rain and cuddling dogs.
Sometimes she does both at the same time.

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