Can I have a frozen smoothie for dessert?

Do you get to the end of your day and crave sweets? Can you have a frozen smoothie to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings? Does this mean you can have a frozen smoothie for dessert? Yes, yes it does! But there are some rules as Sam our nutritionist will explain for you below.

Nothing beats a sweet treat at the end of the day (well anytime of the day to be honest).

But if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your usual dessert, you might wonder whether you can have a frozen smoothie for dessert instead.

The answer?

You can absolutely have a frozen smoothie for dessert and it’s also a great way to have something sweet after dinner when you’re focused on healthy choices.

 A balanced ingredient smoothie is packed full of nutrition and is lower in sugar than typical desserts.

Ingredients that can support a deep sleep

Most frozen smoothie ingredients are suitable for being used in your dessert smoothie.

But there are a handful of options that are not only delicious – they can also encourage a good night sleep.

  • Cherries and berries – when it comes to your smoothie fruits of choice, cherries and berries are a great option. Not only are they relatively low in sugar, but they also contain natural melatonin. Different varieties have different melatonin levels – tart cherries and strawberries are generally highest.
  • Green leafy veg – you might not think of leafy greens as a dessert ingredient, but smoothies are perfect for sneaking in extra serves of veg. Green leafy veg are also a great source of magnesium, the relaxation mineral.
  • Yoghurt – If you can tolerate dairy, add a dollop of yoghurt. Yoghurt is a good source of tryptophan, which is a precursor to your main sleep chemical melatonin. The probiotic bacteria in fermented foods such as yoghurt can also support your digestive health.
  • Oats – adding oats is a two-for-one deal. They are a natural source of tryptophan, much like yoghurt. But oats also contain a reasonable amount of melatonin.
  • Lavenderplenty of research supports lavender as a natural option for alleviating insomnia and improving sleep quality. Although much of the research is done on lavender as a scent, you can also add a little bit to your evening drink!

Ingredients to skip in a dessert smoothie

Most of your usual smoothie ingredients are absolutely fine to have in a dessert smoothie.

But there are a couple that you might like to skip for the sake of a good night sleep.


Coffee s the first one that comes to mind.

We’re not against having coffee in your morning breakfast smoothie – a little espresso can be just what you need sometimes!

But the caffeine content of coffee can interfere with sleep, especially if you’re sensitive.

Black and green tea

Teas are also sources of caffeine, although they do contain less than coffee.

If you are sensitive to caffeine or struggling to get a good night of sleep for any reason, don’t use black or green tea as a base for your smoothie recipes.

This goes for matcha tea powder as well, as matcha is quite high in caffeine.

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Alcohol is probably not a good idea!

It might be tempting to turn your smoothie into a Friday night party-time cocktail smoothie.

But if you want a solid night of sleep, it’s best not to drink alcohol before bed.

Alcohol can disrupt sleep and prevent you reaching deep sleep, which is where the magic happens.

It’s time to start experimenting!

If you’re looking for some dessert smoothie inspiration, a good place to start is in the Super Cubes recipe pages.

Pretty much all of the recipes except for the ones that use the Wake Me Up smoothie cubes are ok to mix in with your favourite dessert ingredients as they contain a coffee extract.

There are also a few great dessert options in the current E-BOOK too, all you have to do is put in your details below and wait for the email.

So, as you can see, it’s easy to have a frozen smoothie for dessert as long as you avoid most of the caffeine and energy boosting ingredients.

Save these for when you really need them, like every morning in your breakfast smoothie!

Author | Samantha Gemmell
Sam is a Nutritionist, Health Writer and Wellness Speaker as well as being an Author for Super Cubes.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping people through their journey to health and wellness combining their mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. When she’s not helping people, she enjoys dancing in the rain and cuddling dogs.
Sometimes she does both at the same time.

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