Can I freeze watermelon to use in my smoothies?

Can you freeze watermelon for your own frozen smoothies? Yes you can and as you'll find out there are many great reasons why you should. Also, you can add frozen watermelon in with your Super Cubes to boost the nutrients and flavour easily!

There’s nothing quite like taking a bite into a watermelon on a hot summer’s day!

How about doing the same thing during summer with a pumpkin or zucchini?


You wouldn’t think it from the flavour, but watermelon is in the same family as pumpkin and zucchini.

It is thought that ancient watermelon was actually bitter before humans domesticated them into the sweet fruit they are today.

Getting back to the topic, can you freeze watermelon to use in smoothies?

The answer is a big and juicy, yes!

Before getting into the how we can freeze them, let’s look at why you’d use watermelons in your frozen smoothies in the first place.

Watermelon nutrition

Being roughly 90% water, watermelon (as you would know) is incredibly hydrating. 

But beyond this, what else is it useful for?

Watermelons are

  • Very low in protein, fat and fibre, with most of watermelons calories coming from simple sugars
  • As you would expect from fruits, a cup of watermelon has about 1/5thof the RDI for vitamin C
  • It also contains a decent serving of vitamin A and small amounts of potassium, magnesium and some of the B vitamins as well
  • On a per weight basis, watermelon is quite low in vitamins and minerals compared to some other whole foods, but on a per calorie basis it packs a punch

What else can watermelon help with?

Blood flow

Bodybuilders and other athletes alike have used watermelon before a workout to enhance their pump and performance. 

The reason for this is watermelon’s ability to increase arginine levels, a pre-cursor to nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a molecule responsible for vasodilation, increasing the diameter of blood vessels and improve circulation of blood. 

This enhances the body’s transport of nutrients and oxygen, leading to improved exercise performance.

Beyond the athletic realm, having more nitric oxide can also reduce blood pressure via improving dilation. 


When you think of natural cold and flu remedies, vitamin C is probably at the top of your list. 

Vitamin C supports immune cells to do what they need to do, fending off some nasty microorganisms within the body. 

On top of this, vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, able to prevent some of the cellular damage caused during infections.

Watermelon contains a good dose of vitamin C for you in every slice.

Heart health

Beyond the benefits of nitric oxide, watermelon contains lycopene. 

This is responsible for the red pigment of watermelons, and is also in other red plants like goji berries and tomatoes.

Lycopene is a carotenoid (pre-vitamin A), leading to improved cholesterol levels and lower inflammation, both indicative of potential cardiovascular issues down the track.

Weight loss

Due to the very low calorie nature of watermelons and high water content it can make it easier to lower the calories you’re consuming across the day.

That being said, there are plenty of factors that go into losing weight, beyond just cutting daily calories.

So don’t take watermelon as the be all and end all for weight loss, just one tool to be potentially used by you to help achieve your goals.

Watermelon may be a very good substitute to make when reaching for one of those other ‘unhealthier’ snacks.

Freezing watermelon for smoothies

Here’s three ways to freeze watermelon so it’ll be ready when you are to add into your Super Cubes frozen smoothie recipes.

  • Simply cut the watermelon into small chunks and freeze in bags. When you want some in your smoothies, simply pop it into your blender with your favourite smoothie cubes
  • Blend up the watermelon and freeze into trays.This can be a bit quicker than cutting, though does require having some larger trays
  • Blend your watermelon into your smoothies and then freeze the whole blend

As you see from the above, these options for freezing are pretty similar and not too hard to do.

Benefits of freezing watermelon

The benefit of freezing watermelons is numerous, especially if your plan is to use them in your smoothies over time.

Having the above frozen options readily available means you can add watermelon to your smoothies whenever you want because you don’t have to wait until watermelon is in season.

Also convenience comes into it too.

The frozen watermelon is prepared and ready to throw into your blender along with your Super Cubes with pretty much no preparation involved.

That’s two wins so far!

Freezing watermelons for smoothies is great!

If you’ve made it through to this point you would’ve realised that it’s ok to freeze watermelon for your smoothies and that there’s more than a few reasons why.

So, did you learn any new benefits of watermelon from this article?

Has it inspired you to start to keep some watermelon on hand in the freezer for your smoothies?

Watermelon isn’t the only extra ingredient you can freeze to add in as extra ingredient to your Super Cubes recipes either.

There are so many extra ingredients that can be frozen to make it easy to give your smoothies and smoothie bowls an extra boost of nutrients and flavour.

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