Banana oat blueberry breakfast smoothie

The banana oat blueberry breakfast smoothie recipe is easy to make and it tastes delicious too! So read on below to learn how you can make the best breakfast smoothie on earth yourself and remember as always, make sure to check your blender lid is secure before hitting that boost button!

This breakfast smoothie recipe is easy to make, it tastes delicious and these are only a few of the reasons why this breakfast smoothie is perfect way for you to start your day.

We use berry digest smoothie cubes as the base ingredient even though there are plenty of other ingredients in there too.

The Super Cubes used in this recipe contain banana, pineapple, kiwifruit, acai, chia seeds, papaya, coconut oil, turmeric, lemon juice, Ganeden BC30 probiotics as well as blueberries, strawberries and the raspberries.

So all in all, this frozen breakfast smoothie packs a berry powerful antioxidant punch with the added blueberries and the Super Cubes too.

It’s also quite filling and should easily keep you going until your next meal.

Here’s what you’ll need and also below, how you can make this awesome breakfast smoothie.

Smoothie ingredients

How to make the banana oat blueberry breakfast smoothie

  1. Add ingredients to your blender except the Super Cubes, liquid and yogurt
  2. Pop the berry digest smoothie Super Cubes on top of your ingredients
  3. Then add in your liquid and Greek yogurt to your blender
  4. Place the lid on your blender (very important!)
  5. Give the blend a few short bursts and then blend until you have a smooth mixture
  6. Pour into your drinking vessel of choice and enjoy!

This frozen smoothie has a lot of different things you can experiment with in regards to the ingredients and the amount of ingredients you use.

So when you create it you might want it a bit a bit runnier or thicker, it might be too sweet for you or you may even want to miss out an ingredient altogether just because you don’t like it.

You might even want to throw a few whole berries on top before you serve to impress your friends.

It’s up to you!

Sometimes we use a bit less coconut milk in the mix to thicken it up.

Other times we add in ice cubes instead of the coconut milk to add more to its brain freeze capabilities.

Sometimes, in the Super Cubes office, we just have to miss out adding an ingredient altogether.

This is mainly because someone hasn’t restocked our smoothie cupboard after making twelve smoothies in one session for their friends that visited two days ago (but that’s none of our business).

The fact is you can experiment with all of the above to create your own perfect breakfast smoothie creation!

Learn more about the breakfast smoothie ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients in this breakfast smoothie and many we have covered plenty of their benefits here for you on the Super Cubes website already.

We will run through a few of them briefly for you now.

Bananas are high in antioxidants and have the potential to help you with digestion and reduction of appetite too.

All of the berries in this recipe are also full of antioxidants and have many, many other potential health benefits too, this includes the benefits of blueberries which you can read about here.

LSA stands for linseeds, sunflower seeds and lastly, almonds.

You can use an LSA in your smoothies to increase the healthy fats in your diet, also LSA may help with cholesterol, blood sugars, helping to increase fibre intake and also anti-inflammatory support.

Also the probiotic that has been added to the berry digest smoothie cubes has many benefits to help you with digestion and more, you can read about how probiotics can help you in this article, “The power of probiotics”.

So as you can see (and read), the banana oat blueberry breakfast smoothie not only works to fill you up, save you time and give you an amazing breakfast alternative.

It also gives you many potential health benefits with the ingredients that are used to make it.

The only potential negative about this breakfast smoothie is you forgetting to put the lid on your blender properly and covering your whole kitchen with smoothie debris!

What now for you?

You can find most of the ingredients needed to make this breakfast smoothie at your local supermarket.

The only thing you might not find for this recipe is our Super Cubes (you can check on our Super Cubes Stockist page).

If you can’t find the berry digest smoothie cubes at your local supermarket or cafe, feel free to order them online and get them delivered to your door at our online shop.

Then while you’re waiting for delivery, get all of the other ingredients ready and when they land, your breakfasts will be changed for ever!

Finally, if you want to look through any of our other breakfast smoothie recipes, you can find them on our Super Cubes Recipes page.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them here in our office!

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