Banana and honey frozen smoothie

Want an easy to make Frozen Smoothie Recipe? Well this Banana and Honey Frozen Smoothie  should work well for you. Tastes sensational and can be made easily any time of the day you're feeling hungry or want a deliciously, natural and healthy snack. Enjoy!

This amazing frozen smoothie came to life through a fit of rage when the photocopier went down here in the Super Cubes office one day.

We have all been there, important documents that have to be printed and signed rather than electronically prepared, half way through the print and the machine picks up two or more sheets and jams.

Not a small jam, this is the “I know how important this is to you” MEGA JAM!

Then The Hulk makes an appearance, hands get coated with printer ink and you acquire a nasty paper cut as well, finishing off the incident pointing your finger at the machine, yelling at it and storming off down the hallway.

The only way to come down from this was to head off and sit quietly somewhere.

That’s when the idea came.

While sitting alone covered in ink in the lunchroom (well, truth be told, these items were sitting on the bench), it definitely was Banana and Honey Frozen Smoothie time.

Luckily enough there is a bountiful supply of Super Cubes in the freezer too, so the hardest part was choosing the ideal frozen smoothie cube companion to the ingredients chosen.

And so the perfect frozen smoothie combo was realised by adding in a few of the wake me up smoothie cubes into the blender.


How to make a banana and honey frozen smoothie

  1. Put the banana (peeled of course) and honey into your smoothie blender
  2. Pop the wake me up super cubes in there too
  3. Add the water to blender
  4. Blend until you have a smooth consistency
  5. Pour into your vessel of choice and enjoy

    Because the Super Cubes are already frozen this should be enough to give the Banana and Honey Frozen Smoothie a nice chill in your glass.

    If this isn’t cold enough for you, use chilled water or add in a few extra ice cubes to the mix as well.

    Other than the above, these frozen smoothies are pretty easy to make and healthy!

    Here is a bit of extra information on a few of the ingredients in the Banana and Honey Frozen Smoothie for you.

    Smoothie ingredient trivia time

    The main ingredients in this frozen smoothie is banana, honey and the wake me up smoothie cube.

    We have written about the potential health benefits of bananas before and they are they are high in antioxidants, can help you with digestion, may support reduction of appetite and may help you with exercise too helping to deal with your cramps and more.

    Honey is pretty good for you as well and it works well as a natural sweetener too as a healthy alternative to sugar.

    Honey is a natural antioxidant too, can help you with reducing cholesterol and is a great natural energy source to help you get through those mid-morning and mid-afternoon munchie snack attacks.

    Finally, and the last ingredient in this Banana and Honey Frozen Smoothie recipe is the wake me up smoothie cubes.

    These smoothie cubes have banana, oat milk, dates, sunflower seeds, pea protein, chia seeds, coffee, cocoa and vanilla bean to help round out the flavours of the banana and honey in this frozen smoothie recipe.

    What now?

    We hoped you enjoy this frozen smoothie recipe, so why not hang out with us here at Super Cubes for a while longer while you sip on it.

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