Are there any vegetarian snacks that are easy to prepare?

Being a vegetarian is hard enough without looking for easy to make snacks. We have you covered though! Below is a some of our favourite easy to prepare vegetarian snacks. Which ones are you going to try first?

Are you someone who believes that healthy eating means spending hours upon hours looking for the right ingredients in the supermarket?

Then you head into the health food store and repeat the same process.

After this (many hours later), you wind up in the kitchen and try to turn the ingredients into meals?

This is of course after wasting more time searching for the perfect snack recipe.

Good news for you, this doesn’t have to be true.

Now, if you love your grocery shop and time in the kitchen, more power to you.

But if not, here are 12 vegetarian snacks that are super easy and quick to prepare.

Wholefoods Bars

The only preparation you need for this is to prepare your taste buds for the deliciousness that comes with the Wholefoods Bars.

Full of protein, carbs, fat and fibre for a slow, sustainable release of energy.

These Wholefood Bars are certainly a winner on their own and also make a great addition to some yoghurt and berries.

Chia pudding

You’ve probably seen this mentioned here on our blog many times before and the reason for that is simple.

Delicious, nutritious, effortless to prepare and easy to tweak it however you like.

Chia seeds are a fantastic source of fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

These are so easy to prepare that you will a few days-worth of snacks in advance to take out of the fridge as needed.

Here's how to make the chia pudding snack.

  1. Add chia seeds to a milk of your choice, dairy or plant based (looking to make your own?)
  2. Stir and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes so the chia seeds gelatinise
  3. Put some extras on top like cacao nibs, cacao powder, coconut flakes, nuts, berries or chopped fruit

Avocado cacao pudding

What’s not to love about this one?

It's easy to prepare, has minimal clean up with just 1 bowl and 1 fork, full of essential nutrients like potassium and magnesium and there’s one more thing….

Oh that’s right, it tastes delicious!

All you need to make this is an avocado, cacao powder and a small amount of plant based milk (almond milk or coconut milk).

Then blend all of the ingredients until smooth and then chill until needed.

That's it.

Simple and easy to make avocado cacao pudding to use as a healthy vegetarian snack.

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Boiled egg and cooked vegetables

While this classic, quick snack doesn’t sound amazing, we assure you it is.

Put your eggs on the boil and while that’s going, simply steam, boil or cook up some veg of your choice, like these;

Then all you have to do to complete this task is;

  • Put down the bed of vegetables
  • Place the egg or eggs on top
  • Open up that beautiful egg white to reveal the gooey yolk
  • Be sure to get the camera out for an insta-worthy boomerang post

The best thing about this vegetarian snack is that you can have it wherever and whenever you’re feeling in the mood for it.

A quick tip for you.

Make sure there's no people around when you open your lunch container if you've prepared this meal the night before.

Super Cubes smoothie cubes

Our Smoothie Cubes certainly tick all the boxes for a great, quick vegetarian snack.

Prepare the smoothies as you need them or even make a few in advance, provided you have the fridge and freezer space.

Kale chips

Kale is part of the brassica family alongside broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, so you can be sure it packs a nutritional punch.

To make kale chips, rub some olive oil and salt onto kale leaves and put them in a 130 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until crispy.

Be sure to watch them towards the end, there’s a fine line between crispy kale chips and eating charcoal as a snack.

You can learn more about kale here Want to learn more about Kale?

Some standalone healthy snacks for you

What could be easier to prepare than cracking open a jar, opening a packet or cutting into some fruit?

Not very much.

Here are some veggie treats, with no prep time at all, making a great addition to your pantry or fridge;

All of these are perfect for you as a vegetarian snack to get you through your day.

Don’t stop believing (in easy vegetarian snacks)

In the wise words of Journey, the list of vegetarian snacks ‘goes on and on and on and ooonnnnnnn, strangers waiting….’

You get the point.

There’s certainly no shortage of quick, delicious and nutritious vegetarian snacks you can make to keep you going between your meals.

Which of these healthy snacks will you try today?

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