Are there any frozen smoothies that can replace meals?

Can Frozen Smoothies replace meals? Are there any Frozen Smoothies that can replace meals? Of course there are! Learn more about your meal replacement smoothie options below.

A nice and simple answer here for you, absolutely a frozen smoothie can replace meals.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner can all be replaced at some stage.

Snacks too? Of course.

Even brunch? Yes, even brunch is replaceable.

What about the snack after dinner in-between my favourite TV Shows and sleeping? Maybe, is it within your dietary guidelines?

There is a myriad of reasons why you would choose to go for a healthy frozen smoothie over a meal.

They’re more convenient than ever before, they’re delicious, there’s endless variety and much more!

We aren’t saying smoothies are better than your meals, but isn’t it great to have options?

In this post, we’ll look at some reasons you may want to replace some of your meals with smoothies, also some considerations to make if you choose to replace a meal with a smoothie and how each of our frozen smoothie cubes can help you with your decision for an adequate meal replacement.

Sounds easy huh, well that’s because it is!

Why should I swap?


Making a frozen smoothie for yourself can be so much quicker than preparing a meal from scratch.

There is also less to clean up and your smoothie is much quicker to consume.

Not that we recommend rushing your meals (learn more about this in the ‘Secret Ingredient’ section part of this "How can I tell if my smoothie is healthy?" post).

Easier to digest

Are you having some digestive issues right now and your body is asking for gentle, easily digested foods?

A smoothie can be a great way to get something in your stomach that is healthy and easy for your body to break down.


You can carry around a smoothie really easily.

No need to heat them up or bring more than a spoon, keep it cool or at room temperature during the day and drink when it’s convenient for you.

Or just sip away at your desk and keep working.


Perhaps you just want something different and a frozen smoothie is what you’re feeling you need to break the monotony of the day to day eating choices.

With your choice of toppings and extra ingredients you can have a different smoothie every single day of the week.

Stuck for ideas or want to see some smoothie creations?

Check out our Super Cubes Smoothie Recipes page for some frozen smoothie and frozen smoothie bowls inspiration.


If you’re struggling to get in your daily requirements for fruits and vegetables?

Look no further than our line of frozen smoothie cubes, particularly the berry digest smoothie and super greens smoothie.

Sounds great, what else do I need to know?

So after reading the above you’ve decided you’re going to substitute a few meals for smoothies this week.

Is there anything else I need to think about when making this decision?

First, consider which meal the smoothie is replacing.

  • What would you usually eat in this meal?
  • Is the smoothie giving you the same or even more nutritious benefits?

If yes, go right ahead, blend and drink that smoothie.

If not, consider adding in more nutritious ingredients to the smoothie.

For instance, you might be wanting a high protein lunch after a tough gym session.

In this instance you could consider adding in a protein powder to your smoothie.

Not sure which type of protein to add to your smoothie?

We’ve got you covered, you can read all about the different proteins to add to your smoothies in an article we have.

Or you could look at your daily diet to see if there is any other types of ingredients you need to add.

  • Is there any gaps in your diet?
  • Are you getting enough of your macronutrients?
  • How about your vitamins and minerals?
  • Are you getting enough vegetables?

If you’re unsure you could consider working with a nutritionist to help you through these decisions.

The right type of smoothie can help with all of these!

And finally on more thing that needs to be considered with the plan to replace some meals with a frozen smoothie.


Are you enjoying your smoothies at the moment and how could you enjoy them even more?

Perhaps it’s a dash of cinnamon or some goji berries sprinkled on top that could change it for you and also make your smoothies even more nutritious than they are currently.

How we can help you?

Let’s look at our current lines of Super Cubes frozen smoothie cubes and give you a bit more information about them.

Also we have the combo cube smoothie pack if you want to try all of our delicious frozen smoothie flavours.

berry digest smoothie

  • Feeling like something tropical?
  • Looking to get a truck load of antioxidants in you?
  • And you want it to be good for your gut too at the same time?!?

We guess you’ll have to go for the berry digest smoothie cubes.

These cubes are full of antioxidant rich berries, pre and probiotics as well as some anti-inflammatory turmeric for good measure.

choc banana smoothie

Feeling like some desert or a bit of sweetness but don’t want to whip anything up?

Yummy choc banana smoothie cubes are for you!

Just that right amount of sweetness and also full of healthy ingredients at the same time.

Sure to be a winner when the cravings kick in.

super greens smoothie

The name says it all.

This should be your go-to frozen greens smoothie base if you’re struggling to get your fruit and veggies for the day.

Have it as a standalone frozen smoothie or you could add it as part of a bigger meal for yourself.

And don’t worry, the super greens smoothie cubes taste great! 

wake me up smoothie

You’re pressed for time, feel like a coffee, but also want to have something substantial in your belly?

The wake me up smoothie cubes have you covered.

Containing a hit of caffeine, some cocoa, pea protein and much more.

So why not substitute this smoothie in for your usual breakfast and coffee?

The smoothie choice is now yours!

Now if you have made it down this far you would have all the information you need to make the right decision on how to replace a meal with a frozen smoothie if you want to.

And we hope you choose to include our delicious and healthy smoothies as part of your balanced diet.

Our aim when creating Super Cubes was to make a simple, easy to make nutritious smoothie solution that can be used for meals or as a snack and we think we have achieved that.

So now it’s over to you, how do you incorporate smoothies into your life?

We are always eager to hear, so let us know on Instagram or head over to our Facebook page.

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