Are there any benefits eating lemons?

Want to learn about the benefits of having a lemon? Well you're found the right place! You can read about all the potential benefits of lemons and more here.

We all have that one epicurean friend who loves lemons don’t we?

Who will forget their first lemon experience when that first harsh tart acidic taste body slams your gustatory cells that leaves you reeling backwards, squinting your eyes gummy bearing while trying to protect your palate, at the same time all of your friends stand around laughing and pointing.

Those were the days.

But who is having the last laugh now? You will be!

Once you read through the information below about the health benefits of lemons, you’ll realise how good these yellow football shaped citrus fruits are for you and your reactions will be justified.

But first before we start, a little bit of lemon history for you.

Although the origins of lemons are quite unknown it is thought they were originally grown in Northeast India, Northern Burma or in China.

Lemons entered Europe in Ancient Roman times and then made their way to Persia, Iraq, Egypt and from there the rest is history.

They started to be cultivated and became much more widespread after it was found that lemons have such a high level of Vitamin C.

No we get onto the good part, why are lemons good for you?

Why is lemon good for you?

Lemons aren’t only a fruit you add with honey on winter nights when it’s cold and you feel a sore throat coming on, as we said above they are packed with Vitamin C and also have many other health benefits too.

Here are a few for you with expanded explanations below.

  • Helps with immune support
  • Supports weight loss and weight control
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Assists heart health
  • Helps with the prevention of kidney stones
  • Aids in the uptake of Iron
  • Digestion benefits
  • Helps with detox

    Helps with immune support

    Lemons have quite high levels of antioxidants which help to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.

    Depending on your circumstances and the choices you make, free radical numbers may far outweigh the number of antioxidants in your body so it may be necessary to boost your own body made antioxidant levels by eating the right foods and by doing so you help your immune system counterbalance the radicals damaging potential.

    High in Vitamin C

    Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C (also an antioxidant), so they sit around the same levels of Vitamin C as an orange (amazing huh!). Vitamin C can help out in so many different areas of your body (kind of like having a maintenance person working fulltime for your body).

    From helping fight off the common cold right through to helping with the uptake of iron.

    Vitamin C could easily have its own devoted page of facts and benefits for you to read through and it will in time.

    Also on another note, there are multiple studies that suggest that Vitamin C can help reduce muscle soreness post exercise as well assisting with oxidative stresses.

    So lemons can inadvertently help you with your recovery after weight training, sports or any other exercise (grocery shopping is exercise right?).

    How good is that! 

    Assists with digestion and detox

    Lemons help with digestion and also detoxing in couple of different ways.

    Lemon juice has a similar structure to the digestive juices found in your stomach.

    So they can help keep your body processing food efficiently along with stimulating the liver helping to flush through toxins with their mild diuretic properties.

    There are also the benefits of the fibre found in lemons too (pectin).

    Lemons have a level of soluble fibre that can help improve gut health and also help slow down the digestion process of sugars and also starches.

    What’s in a lemon that makes it so good?

    Lemons, as we have read above, have a good amount of Vitamin C in them, but that isn’t the only nutrient levels that are great in this citrus fruit.

    These levels below are for raw lemon juice per 100 grams.

    While we are at it, if you are looking for the nutrient value for one glass of lemon juice, you just need to multiply the below levels by 2.5 to get your rough levels.

    You can see then the levels of Vitamin C can be pretty high for one glass of lemon juice!

    Energy 22kcal
    Protein 22g
    Fat 0.24g
    Carbohydrate 6.90g
    Fibre 0.3g
    Sugars 2.52
    Calcium 6mg
    Iron 0.08mg
    Magnesium 6g
    Phosphorus 8mg
    Potassium 103mg
    Sodium 1mg
    Zinc 0.05
    Vitamin C 38.7mg
    Thiamin 0.024g
    Riboflavin 0.015g
    Niacin 0.091g
    Vitamin B6 0.046g
    Folate 20µg
    Vitamin A 6g
    Vitamin E 0.15g

    Why we use lemon juice in Super Cubes

    Lemons are a great antioxidant, they have fantastic levels of Vitamin C amongst other good levels of other micronutrients including fibre and protein.

    Couple these above with the numerous health benefits that can be obtained by adding lemon into your diet and it raises the mere lemon into a class well above just a garnish for water and alcoholic beverages at your local restaurant.

    This is why we choose to add lemons into some of our frozen smoothie cubes formulas.

    Sure it adds a to the taste a little here and there but when combined with all of the other ingredients in a cube, lemons help get the job done.

    What’s the job for us?

    In the end, our job is trying to make your life healthier and simpler.

    Healthier with the ingredients we choose to use in our formulas and simpler by giving you an easy option for a meal to help save time throughout your day.

    So grab a few bags of frozen cubes ready for blending when you need them.

    And in the end, after all of this above, we can only hope we won’t be hearing the phrase, you sold me a lemon!

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