Are frozen smoothies worth making in winter?

It's cold, it's wet and you don't want to get out of bed, drink or eat for that matter. Are frozen smoothies worth making throughout winter? Well we think they are and as you'll find out below, they are pretty good for you all year round!

You might be thinking that winter is the time to stay away from frozen smoothies, that they’re more of a summer thing.

Let us tell you that that absolutely doesn’t have to be true and that frozen smoothies are definitely worth making in the winter.

Most of the benefits of having a smoothie don’t disappear with the seasons, in fact we’d argue that there are even a few winter specific reasons.

Let’s run through the benefits of winter frozen smoothies now for you.

The regular smoothie benefits

These benefits are just your normal daily reasons on why frozen smoothies can be great for your diet and your body.

The can give your daily nutrition a boost when you need it and even help to boost energy too.

Easy to digest

By having your foods already chewed up (aka already blended smoothie), you’re making it much easier on your digestive system to break the nutrients down and then turn it into the energy you need to power you through the day.

Having smoothies can help fast track the nutrients into where it’s needed in your body because you have eliminated one step out of the digestion process.

Portable smoothies

Have your frozen smoothie however and whenever you want.

Looking for a bit more warmth during the day?

You can eat up your smoothie, leave it in a thermos and enjoy on your lunch break.

This is a great tip if you are a chocoholic, because you can get an extra choc fix in just by making a healthy hot chocolate smoothie and taking it to work.

Easy to get creative and keep up the variety

With the option of having different smoothie cubes every day or changing what you blend in to your frozen smoothie and put on top, it’s hard not to love smoothies.

Believe us, we’ve tried to not love frozen smoothies, you just can’t.


Many would argue that this is even more important in winter.


Two words that carry so much weight, SLEEP INS.


Our bodies were designed to sleep more in winter with the shorter days, this is part of the reason why it’s so hard to get out of your bed on those cold mornings.

By having a breakfast that’s easy to prepare and clean up, you can spend some more time under those warm sheets every day dreaming of summer.

Also as an extra tip.

To ensure you get as much extra ZZZs as possible, make sure you’re cleaning your blender as quickly and efficiently as possible by reading this article.

Or, you could get someone else to do it for you, that’s a win, win right?

You win by getting more sleep and you win by getting someone else to clean your blender for you.

Winter specific benefits

These reasons below are very winter specific and are definitely the top reasons why frozen smoothies are worth making in winter.

Getting in your liquids

People tend to forget to drink their liquids during the winter months.

It’s cold, you don’t sweat as much and you’re not sitting in air conditioning all day so it’s very easy to forget to drink and keep yourself hydrated.

Having a frozen smoothie is a great way around this, because it’s more likely that you won’t forget to have your breakfast (or lunch) smoothie compared to forgetting to drink water.

More plants

Again, winter seems to be the season of forgetting (or not wanting) to eat our vegetables and fruits.

But this should be the season where we are especially diligent with it.

We all know that winter is the time to nourish and support our immune system with extra nutrients link vitamin C and zinc and plants provide the perfect opportunity for this.

Blend a few of your favourite vitamin C rich foods to your next smoothie.

Which foods are full of vitamin C and great to add into your frozen smoothies?

These ones, we have already written a guide to show you how to boost your vitamin C with frozen smoothies.


We need more than just vitamin C and zinc to keep a robust immune system in the winter time though.

Up to 80% of the immune system is housed in your gut, so, ensuring the health of the gut can keep the immune system healthy in turn.

What are some building blocks for a healthy gut?

  • Fibre
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory foods

And guess what our Super Cubes frozen smoothie cubes are full of?

So, are frozen smoothies worth your time?

If you have made it down to here, you would’ve seen a lot of reasons to include frozen smoothies in winter and not many reasons against it.

If you’re worried about the cold? Heat your smoothie up.

Craving some comfort foods? Pop them right with your smoothie mix in and blend.

Worried about getting sick?

Worry no more, being smart with your smoothies can keep your immune system in tip top shape over winter and into spring.

Remember to take everything we say with a grain of smoothie (that’s the saying right?), we could be a bit biased over here.

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