All Day Energiser Smoothie

Do you want a frozen smoothie recipe that can help give you energy for the whole day? Well you're in luck, the All Day Energiser Smoothie does just that for you. Easy to make and all of the ingredients are listed for you below too. Easy!

This frozen smoothie recipe is a collaboration between Super Cubes and Switch Nutrition (an Australian Supplement Company) and it uses the Super Cubes Wake Me Up smoothie cubes and also has a scoop of Chocolate ADRENAL SWITCH.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your hands on to make this delicious smoothie recipe.


How to make this frozen smoothie

  1. Get out your blender and place onto your bench
  2. Add all of the ingredients including your Super Cubes and ADRENAL SWITCH
  3. Put on the lid of your blender
  4. Plug in your blender and blend on a relatively low speed until smooth
  5. Then, depending on how much ice you have added, pour and serve

What's so good about this smoothie?

You can find out more about the wake me up smoothie cubes right here on our website, “wake me up smoothie cubes information

And if you need to know more about ADRENAL SWITCH, you can here, “Learn more about ADRENAL SWITCH

All of the other ingredients you find in this frozen smoothie recipe can be found throughout our blog posts here on the Super Cubes website too.

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