What are the health benefits of a cucumber?

Do cucumbers have any health benefits? Are cucumbers a fruit or vegetable? These questions and more answered for you below. Super Cubes, giving you the low down on cucumbers.

Before we let you know about the health benefits of cucumber there is another more pressing question, are cucumbers a fruit or vegetable?

It’s not often that we stir the pot or cause controversy here at Super Cubes, but in this case we thought it was warranted.

To be brutally honest and frank with you, yes, a cucumber is a fruit although it is often recognised as a vegetable.

Many countries prepare cucumbers like a vegetable in their dishes, so they cook them but in Australia, the preference is to eat them raw preferably on top of a nice crisp salad.

So this can add to the confusion of where cucumbers sit in being when it comes to being classed as a fruit or vegetable.

Cucumbers are seed bearing and originate from the flowering part of a rooted vine that usually grows on a support frame or trellis and all of these attributes get cucumbers classed as a fruit.

These creeping vine members of the gourd family are quite high in nutrients, low in calories, contain soluble fibre and also have a high water concentration too.

Read on to find out more about cucumbers and how they may help you.

Health benefits of cucumber

There are many ways cucumbers can help you and with so many health benefits, they should naturally be a part of your daily nutrition plan.

Cucumbers have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times to help treat many different types of ailments.

These days they usually rest easily in and on top of salads or nestle themselves in the middle of sandwich, but they still have the same health benefits they were famous for a long time ago.

Here are some of the key feature benefits of cucumbers with some explanations below for you.

  • High nutrient density
  • Contains antioxidants
  • May assist with weight management
  • Helps with detoxifying
  • Great for hydration
  • Good vitamin K levels
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Low calorie food
  • Helps to keep you regular
  • Easy to add to any meal
  • High alkaline food

    High in nutrients

    Like many other ingredients we use in Super Cubes, cucumbers are high in nutrients in the areas that count. 

    They are low in calories, have good amounts of vitamins and minerals, contain fibre and include a large water content. 

    Eating a cucumber with the skin on increases the overall nutrients you’re getting, as well as keeping the fibre levels up too. 

    For a full run down of the nutrients in a cucumber (if you’re interested), the break down is below for you in the “What’s in a cucumber?” section.

    Contains antioxidants

    The build-up of free radicals may cause problems over time, so the best way to help your body out is by adding more antioxidant dense foods into your diet. 

    Cucumbers are a food that are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which may help protect your body against oxidative stresses caused by everyday living. 

    By adding in more antioxidant rich foods into your day can help reduce the effects of harmful oxidants. 

    Another great reason to include the convenience of Super Cubes into your day.

    Great for hydration

    Another key aspect of cucumbers are their water levels and these levels are very high. 

    If you hadn’t worked it out yet, water can play a key role in most of your body’s functions which can include temperature regulation, sports performance, metabolism, digestion and much more. 

    A cucumbers mass weight is made up of close to 96% of water so cucumbers can inadvertently keep you hydrated and help you hit your daily fluid intake levels. Cucumbers also gave us the saying “Cool as a Cucumber” because they help hydrate and regulate your temperature effectively. 

    These effects above also are the reason why people use cucumbers on their eyes. 

    Cold cucumber slices can help reduce puffiness around your eyes by removing heat, helping to eliminate fluid as well as the nutrients in the cucumber playing its part in the area too. 

    It’s not advised to eat the slices after putting them on your eyes for fifteen minutes or put them on your sandwich.

    Low calorie food

    Another bonus of cucumbers is their low calorie levels which means if you’re dieting or watching calories you can load up on cucumbers quite easily and leave a more of your daily calorie intake for other food. 100 grams of cucumber will give you only 15 calories so its nutrients to calories ratio is pretty high. 

    So cucumbers make a great addition to any weight management diet plan to help add volume to your meals, help with satiety, aid hydration and more.

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    Help keep you regular

    Eating cucumbers can be beneficial to your digestive tract and may help with detoxifying as well. 

    As cucumbers are high in water and also contain levels of soluble fibre (pectin), this makes them a near perfect food for helping with digestion and also helping to keep you regular.

    What’s in a cucumber?

    With all of the benefits above there are many reasons to add or think about adding cucumber into your nutrition plan, but what is really in a cucumber?

    Do cucumbers have protein in them?

    What are the levels of carbohydrate in a cucumber?

    Read on and you will find out. 

    Here are the levels of nutrients for 100 grams of cucumber with the peel on.

    Energy 15kcal
    Protein 0.65g
    Total fat 0.11g
    Carbohydrate 3.63g
    Fibre 0.5g
    Sugars 1.67g
    Calcium 16mg
    Iron 0.28mg
    Magnesium 13mg
    Phosphorus 24mg
    Potassium 147mg
    Sodium 2mg
    Zinc 0.2mg
    Vitamin C 2.8mg
    Thiamine 0.027mg
    Riboflavin 0.033mg
    Niacin 0.098mg
    Vitamin B6 0.040mg
    Folate 7µg
    Vitamin A 5µg

    Why Super Cubes uses cucumber?

    If you have made it down here to the bottom of the page, congratulations!

    We hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of cucumbers and you can see from the above there are many benefits that can may be gained by adding in cucumbers into your diet.

    And these are the reasons why we use cucumber in many of our Super Cubes formulas. 

    The potential benefit of cucumbers combined with all of the other ingredients in our formulas give you great tasting, time saving and convenient snacks that tick pretty much all of the boxes in the health boosting smoothies department.

    Why wouldn’t you want all of these health benefits sitting in your freezer waiting to be thrown in to the blender?

    Buy your Super Cubes now!