5 ways to stop eating unhealthy food at work

Are you struggling to stop eating junk food at work? You open your draw and is it filled to the brim with chocolate wrappers? Here is 5 ways for you to try to stop eating unhealthy food at work. Just start with one day and build from there. You've got this!

Are you the type of person who’s always reaching for whatever is in the work pantry?

Is that pantry lacking the foods you know are ideal for your body?

Are you the one accused of stealing the chocolates out of the Cadbury Roses box from last Christmas?

It can certainly be hard to balance work, life, keeping up with Netflix, kids and everything else and then maintaining a healthy body as well.

And it's even harder to say no to the last chocolates in the box (especially when they call out to you from the fridge in the afternoon).

Well, we’ve done our best below to make it easier for you to make some healthy choices at work.

So, here are 5 ways you can keep your health at the forefront of your food decisions while working.

1. Meal preparation

There’s on old saying that goes a little something like this. 

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’

This is true of many events in our life, and especially true in the workplace.

If you know you’re one who frequently gets hungry in the middle of the afternoon and eats at wherever is most convenient (junk food), then a bit of preparation can go a long way.

Most of us have seen the hashtag mealprep on Instagram on a Sunday night with 5 days’ worth of picture-perfect meals in immaculately clean containers.

And if you can do that, great

If that isn’t you, don’t stress.

How about starting with preparing one day ahead?

All you need is time, a couple of containers and some ingredients.

Not one for cooking?

Look into all the cafes and restaurants within walking distance of where you work.

Check out their menus.

Do you see any options that align with your health goals?

Alternatively, throw a few Smoothie Cubes in a blender with the liquid of your choice and voila, one easy meal for you.

2. Keep some healthy snacks in stock

Sometimes you just don’t want a full meal but would rather have some nibbles to tide you over until lunch or dinner.

Sounds like you need to keep some healthy snacks on hand.

What do we recommend I hear you ask?

The Super Cubes wholefoods bars are perfect for you in this case.

While no two bars are the same, they’re all made of wholefood-based ingredients, contain a decent amount of fibre per serve and are sure to keep you satiated until your next meal.

They are an easy, nutritious and filling snack.

So how about stocking some Super Cubes wholefood bars in your work pantry?

Just make sure to hide them from your co-workers, as they’ll be sure to fly out of the pantry in no time at all.

Also, while we’re here, making the right choices for your pantry at home is great too.

If you limit your junk food options at home and office by simply not having these foods around, you will be forced to make healthy meal and snack choices.

That has to be a good choice for you doesn't it?

Fruit and vegetable sticks are the perfect answer sometimes when you find yourself on the prowl for food.

And there are plenty more alternatives like these above available.

You just have to find them and use them.

3. Balance your blood sugar

Who has experienced ‘the 3pm crash’ or the dreaded ‘afternoon lull?’

Whatever you want to call it, one of the biggest causes of this, though by no means the only cause, is imbalanced blood sugar.

In an ideal setting, following a meal our body digests the sugars in our food, delivering them to our bloodstream and our body then shuttles some of this sugar into our cells to be turned into energy.

In a less than ideal setting, our body shuttles too much into our cells, leading to low blood sugar. 

This is what can cause that energy slump, hangriness, grumpiness and subsequent craving for carbs.

What can be done?

  • Make sure you eat slowly and chew thoroughly
  • Fill yourself up on healthy fats
  • Ensure you have protein and fibre in your meals and snacks to lead to a more balanced blood sugar

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4. Is it hunger or thirst?

Feeling that pang of hunger in the afternoon?

Or perhaps it is actually thirst for you.

It can be hard to know how much water you’re drinking each day, especially if you’re not actively keeping track.

The Australian government water intake recommendations are 2.1L for women and 2.6L for men per day.

Though this can change based on many factors like exercise, sweating, having the air conditioning or heater on, caffeine consumption and more.

If it has been a while since your last drink and you're feeling like having something to eat, how about a glass of water first?

If you still feel hungry after 10 minutes, then perhaps it is time to eat something.

5. Go for a walk

Who gets stressed out at work all of the time?

Who gets hungry when they’re stressed?

Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, which can easily lead to some pretty intense sugar cravings.

So, what can we do?

If taking a long holiday is out of the picture, how about a going for a walk?

Many studies show that walking can help you reduce cortisol levels

Bonus points if you’re going for a walk out into nature with no phone, music or any other distractions. 

How do you keep your diet on point at work?

Whether it's trying a new café, meal prepping, keeping some wholefoods bars on hand or option D – none of the above, we can see that there are so many ways to keep your health at the forefront of your food decisions while at work.

And if your meal or snack goals are to help you with weight loss or just to be healthy, it is easy to do if you plan your day correctly.

So, how are you going to prevent unhealthy eating at work this week?

Have you got a plan of attack ready?

Your starting point may be as easy as keeping away from the vending machines for the week!

Buy your Super Cubes now!